New Guidelines Recommend Non-drug Therapies for Back Pain Sufferers

According to the American College of Physicians (ACP), most Americans have experienced low back pain. And approximately one quarter of U.S. adults reported having low back pain lasting at least one day in the past three months. Just this month… [read more]

Benefits of Massage for Patients with HIV/AIDS

The early discovery of HIV and AIDs in the 1980s led to misconceptions and untruths about how the disease was transmitted, leaving a population of people feeling alone and shunned. There were many assumptions that HIV and AIDs could be… [read more]

5 Benefits of Attending Yoga Class Instead of Practicing at Home

There is no question about the many benefits that practicing yoga provides, like increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, better posture, improved immunity, and enhanced overall sense of calm, just for starters. And while the proliferation of video streaming,… [read more]

Should you get a massage while sick or injured?

You’ve been looking forward to that massage session all week, and then you wake up with a pounding head, aches and pains all over, and your nose just won’t stop running. It’s no fun to be sick! But assuming you’re… [read more]

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

The use of essential oils has been on the rise lately, as more people discover the natural benefits that essential oils can have on our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Their popularity is due to the many uses and preventative applications like… [read more]

Minimize the Health Risks of Sedentary Behaviors

Today, fewer than 20% of all jobs in the U.S. require some sort of activity, according to recent research. That means the majority of jobs in this country generally involve sitting for extended periods of time at a desk in front… [read more]

Massage as an Alternative to Medicine

Massage therapy isn’t just for stress relief or relaxation. Once considered an indulgence, many now find massage to be an effective pain and health management treatment for a variety of ailments like neck and back pain, heart and circulatory conditions,… [read more]

Choosing the Right First Yoga Class

Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini. These are all types of yoga, and it’s no wonder anyone new to the practice of yoga may be a little overwhelmed with all of the different classes, and unsure of which one they should start… [read more]

Hormone Triggers Health-Promoting Properties of Exercise

As the weight-loss industry exceeds $60 billion, it seems that over 75 million Americans are looking to find that magic solution to obesity. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that the typical dieter makes four attempts per year to try and… [read more]

What is hot stone massage?

If you haven’t experienced it, you may have seen images of massage people lying face down with basalt lava rocks on their backs and thought, what is that? It’s called hot stone massage and it is an additional technique massage… [read more]