Personal Training


Personal training is all about you and your needs and fitness goals. Your health and long term well being is what drives us.

Our highly educated, professional staff will spend time with you, assessing your personal needs and goals, designing a training program to meet your needs, and work with you in removing barriers between you and your success. Our personal trainers are highly skilled, and caring. They are passionate about the importance of exercise and being active as part of a healthy lifestyle, and want you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Our attractive and comfortable training center will provide you an environment to train in a private, non intimidating setting. We do not require memberships or contracts rather, we want to earn your confidence and trust in how we can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Personal training is ideal for everyone from those new to exercise to life long athletes, and can be especially important for anyone recovering from an illness or injury or living with a medical condition. Our clients find a high level of success in our personal training environment. The education you receive in this one-on-one setting as well as the personal motivation you get from your trainer will inspire you to reach your fitness goals and feel your best, most vital and alive self!

Are you ready to schedule or do you have any questions?

Contact LHAA if you have any questions about the training sessions we offer through our Fitness Center.  You can schedule a complimentary fitness assessment and a complimentary  first personal or semi-private training session by calling us at 859-252-5656  or email