Classes During COVID

LHAA continues to successfully hold classes during the global pandemic. Since the pandemic began we have successfully enrolled and graduated over 8 cohorts of Massage, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching and Yoga teacher Training students!

In order to ensure students, faculty, and staff’s health and safety, while providing our continued educational excellence we have implemented the following changes to our programs.


Bodywork classes such as massage fundamentals, Kinesiology, Movement and Fitness coaching are held on campus. Class sizes are limited, masks are required at all times, social distancing is employed between classmates and instructors (except when practicing massage on a designated classmate), and sanitization protocols are strictly followed.

Again, the safety and wellbeing of all individuals on the LHAA campus is of the utmost importance to us, and we are taking every measure within our power to make everyone as safe as possible.


Lecture classes such as Anatomy and Physiology and Ethics are held remotely via live instruction via Zoom. This limits the number of classroom gatherings, allows LHAA the opportunity to record classes for future student consumption, lessens travel time for students, and still allows students to progress through the program as if they were in the classroom.

The utilization of the school’s online Learning Management System (LMS) continues to grow as we provide student access to resources, recorded lectures, PowerPoints, and other materials to supplement and support students educational experience at LHAA.

Internships & Externships

Clinical internships and externships are still being held. LHAA is closely following the guidelines established by the KY Governors task force and Guidelines published by the CDC to safely operate our massage clinic. This allows are students to continue to get the invaluable lessons learned in a clinical environment.

Additional Protocols

An enhanced sanitation schedule is being employed throughout the campus, as well as a staggered class class schedule.

Tours of the school, enrollments, and any other school business can be held either live in person or remotely. The school’s administrative staff is working from the school daily.

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If you would like more information about our programs protocols, or other questions you may have please reach out to our admissions staff today. (859) 252-5656 x 29 or You can also fill out the form on this page to receive a free information packet of any of our programs.

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