Personal Development Workshops

We offer a variety of Personal Development Workshops and Seminars throughout the year.

Nutrition Workshop

Nutritional foodsWhen: January 18, 2020 at 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Where: Lexington Healing Arts Academy – 272 Southland Drive, Lexington KY 40503
Cost: FREE & open to the public!

We set ourselves up to reach our nutrition goals when we select foods that support how our bodies are designed to function. We’ve simplified this for you by identifying 3 principles that support boosting vitality, decreasing body fat, and increase muscle mass. Join us on Saturday January 18th to learn about these principles and discuss strategies that will help you make small changes towards your long-term goals!

You will have the opportunity to meet our Fitness and Nutrition coaches who will help you initiate your plan and be available to coach you through implementing it in a way that’s consistent with your lifestyle and goals.

Tai Chi

Instructor: Grandmaster Ding Mingye & Matthew Branstetter
Cost: $65 for one workshop, or $110 for both
Contact Person: Shannon Brunk at

HOW TO REGISTER: Please call Shannon Brunk at (859) 252-5656 ext. 30 or go to our Tai Chi page to sign up online.

1. Tai Chi Walking – Moving in Balance – Saturday, December 14th

Medical research has proven the great role Tai Chi can play in increasing balance, especially in the elderly. However, according to Tai Chi creating stability and flexibility in the legs and feet is critical to everyone’s physical and psychological well being. This workshop will explore various key points and meridians which flow through the legs according to Chinese Medicine. We will also introduce the various stepping techniques that form the foundation of authentic Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi Walking is a profound meditation on remaining calm, grounded and centered in a chaotic world. It teaches us a way to stay connected to ourselves and to the earth as we move mindfully through the challenges of our lives.

2. Tai Chi – Integration of the Spine (Part I) – Sunday, December 15th

Tai Chi has been mainly marketed to the West as a gentle, slow moving form of mediation. However, It is also a profound science of freeing and strengthening the spine. The peculiar genius of Tai Chi, which has sometimes been lost in how it has been taught in the West, is the way in which Tai Chi integrates the spine into every movement of the form. The subtle waves and spirals of the spinal movements help free the organs and nerves, increasing blood flow and sensitivity. As this happens the muscles that surround the spine begin to loosen their hold releasing an abundance of energy and vitality. Consciously feeling and directing this dynamic, fluid flow of energy (Qi) is the goal of Tai Chi. This workshop will introduce the basics of spinal integration and demonstrate how the deceptively simple movements of Tai Chi form a holistic approach to physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Master Ding Mingye
Master Ding, 20th generation master of Chen style Tai Chi (taijiquan), has practiced the martial and healing arts of China for over 50 years. Beginning his training at the age of 5 Master Ding has studied with some of the most renowned teachers in China including Yu Chenghui, Men Huifeng, Hong Junsheng and Li Enjui. After winning gold medals in national competitions in Tai Chi Form and Push Hands (Tui Shou), he would go on to serve as head coach for the Shandong Province representative team producing nine national champions and winners of 50 gold, 37 silver and 30 bronze medals. In 2011 Master Ding began spending the greater part of the year in Louisville, KY and holds regular classes in Tai Chi and Qigong to students of all levels and abilities.

Assistant Instructor: Matt Branstetter
Matt Branstetter is a senior American student of Master Ding and has studied Tai Chi for over twenty years. He is a professor of Philosophy and Religion at Midway University and has taught classes in traditional Chinese philosophy, Tai Chi and Embodiment. He is a licensed massage therapist and has teaching certifications in Yoga (2008) and Qigong (2013). Matt will be providing lectures and assisting with English translations.

Couples Massage

Couples MassageInstructor: Joe Cinquina
Cost: $99

Bring more loving touch into your relationship!

This class will teach the basics of Swedish massage with the intention of massaging loved ones. You will learn the five basic Swedish massage strokes including effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and tapotoment. We will also discuss basic body mechanics and supplies to use for your massage. At the end of the day you will be able to give your loved one a gentle and relaxing massage. Dress comfortably as the class will include hands on practice with your partner. All couples are welcome.

Reiki Classes

The practice of Reiki is available to anyone interested in learning this hands-on, healing technique. Reiki uses hand positions on and near the body to help channel life force energy that builds warmth and promotes relaxation, peace, security and wellness. Reiki can be used for self-improvement and to help treat others.

Promote Positive Energy in the Mind and Body

Reiki practitioners are attuned to a special kind of life force energy taught to them by a Reiki Master. They heal by moving negative psychic energy out of the body and channeling a positive life force energy flow through the body.

Negative thoughts and emotions contribute to negative and damaging energy resulting in stress, anxiety, depression, and even physical sickness. This negative energy disrupts the flow of our natural energy, diminishing our full potential for overall health and wellness.

A Reiki practitioner can charge your energy field with positive energy and restore the natural, positive flow of energy in the body that helps keep us happy and healthy.

Benefits of Reiki

We are so excited about offering our Reiki classes because it truly is a practice that anyone with an interest in healing can learn. There are many benefits to learning Reiki techniques including the ability to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Promote Relaxation
  • Improve sleep
  • Channel inner peace, balance, and harmony
  • Align mental and emotional states
  • Help relieve chronic pain and anxiety disorders
  • Trigger the body’s immune system and natural healing abilities for preventative health
  • Reiki is a gentle practice that can be used to treat yourself and others of any age, ability, or background.

We encourage you to join us for Reiki classes and get introduced to one of the healing arts that will be a true difference-maker in your life, attitude, and state of well-being.

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