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Personal Development Workshops

We offer a variety of Personal Development workshops and immersions throughout the year.

Our Personal Development workshops offer an opportunity to expand your experience in yoga, mindfulness, Ayurveda and more. All of these workshops are designed to guide people on their journey to their own personal wellness.

Workshops are generally offered on weekends with instruction from LHAA faculty or from nationally recognized practitioners.

Ready to register? Use the schedule below to find descriptions of each workshop and enrollment information.

The Ayurveda Life Balance Course

Ayurveda encourages us to learn the needs of the specific mind-body constitution (dosha) that we are each born with, and then to use specific natural tools for rebalancing ourselves when off kilter. This workshop covers the principles of Ayurveda, identifying your primary dosha, meditation, yoga, and abhyanga. Learn More >

Couples Massage

Are you and your partner ready to bring more loving touch into your relationship? This class teaches the basics of Swedish massage with the intention of massaging loved ones. Participants will learn the five basic Swedish massage strokes, including effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and tapotement. Learn More >

An Embodied and Sensual Approach to Meditation

Using the Radiance Sutras and Meditation Secrets for Women, we’ll explore how to apply the principles of meditation in a more bodily and emotional way. This will be a great class for those who have struggled with classical meditation. We’ll explore samyama meditation, chocolate meditation, and more sense-oriented meditation practices. Learn More >

Exploring Classical Meditation Techniques

In this class, we’ll discuss some of the major philosophies associated with meditation such as the 8-limbed path and Patanjali’s yoga sutras. We’ll practice several kinds of meditation – sitting/breathing (with mudra), walking, and tratak. This will be a great class for those looking to deepen their meditation practices and connect with a meditation community. Learn More >

Finding Your Neutral

If you’ve ever heard an instructor in class cue you to find “neutral spine” and wondered if you were doing it right – or what it meant – this workshop is for you. With special attention to head, ribcage, and pelvic alignment, we’ll use yoga asanas to explore how to find your neutral spine, and how to support your individualized neutral with muscular engagement. Learn More >

The 5 Fundamentals: Health Habits that Matter Most

This small group class covers the 5 fundamentals of daily wellness ((sleep, nutrition, hydration, movement, and stress management). Participants will take a deeper look at each fundamental and how their impact on daily life affects long term health. This six-week course provides participants with an opportunity to implement small, effective, personal changes that will encourage continued habit growth and improved wellness. Learn More >

Seasonal Yin Yoga Immersions

Each workshop focuses on the current season and the associated internal mechanisms, while moving through a Yin sequence that relates to the season. Learn More >

Yoga & Our Essential Connection to Nature

In this day-long workshop, we’ll move, breathe, meditate, and reflect. The theme for all aspects of our practice will be our essential connection to nature. The wholistic system of Yoga and Ayurveda understand that nature provides the blueprint for harmony within the self, with others, and with the larger world. Learn More >

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