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Sitting, Standing and the Effects on Back Pain

Most people know that a sedentary lifestyle can cause a significant number of health problems, from obesity to increased risk of heart disease and many more. But did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can also lead to chronic back pain? For many, back...

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Spring Is Here – Move Your Fitness Routines Outdoors

The temperatures are rising and so should your motivation to shake off the winter and get active again. Crisp mornings, butterflies flitting, and birds chirping provide the perfect backdrop for a workout venue—the great outdoors. In addition to the change of scenery,...

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4 Tips to Help Busy Parents Find Time for Fitness

Suffer through an hour commute. Check. Do the grocery shopping. Check. Take the kids to soccer practice. Check. Call the exterminator. Check. There are a lot of tick marks on your to do list throughout the day, but how about one for exercise? In a world where the kids...

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Take a Breath – You Deserve it

Written by Lucy Hendricks Are you a worrier? Are you constantly stressed? Women tend to be worriers. They worry about everything and everyone before taking care of themselves. If there was an imaginary cup that would dictate how much stress women can handle, many of...

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Breathing: The Secret to Pain-Free Strength Training

Written by Lucy Hendricks Do you believe your body is only capable of low-level activities such as restorative yoga and Pilates? Has a medical professional scared you out of ever lifting weights? Have you tried lifting weights by yourself or with a trainer but ended...

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