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Ready for a career change?

There are many reasons why people stay in jobs they don’t like. Whether it’s because the thought of change terrifies them or losing the financial and routine stability they’ve come to rely on is a motivating factor, most of us have felt trapped career wise – 70% of us...

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Track Your Fitness with Apps

Want a 21 st century way of tracking your diet and nutrition goals? There’s an app for that. In fact, there is an app for monitoring just about every health and fitness goal you can imagine. From calorie counters to mileage trackers to interval workout coaching, there...

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5 Elements of a Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

Individually, different components of exercise have their purpose. But when combined, you get a powerful, balanced fitness regimen that promotes optimal health. A balanced routine includes these five elements of good health: aerobic fitness, strength training, core...

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Keeping Exercise Interesting

If your idea of cardio is running through the supermarket isles on your home after work, or you consider putting your two year old to bed every night a weight lifting routine, chances are, you’ve lost your incentive to exercise. Sticking to a regular exercise routine...

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Sitting, Standing and the Effects on Back Pain

Most people know that a sedentary lifestyle can cause a significant number of health problems, from obesity to increased risk of heart disease and many more. But did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can also lead to chronic back pain? For many, back...

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