Wellness Coaching

What Is Wellness? 

At Lexington Healing Arts Academy we believe that “wellness is living your life very consciously, in ways that enhance your health and wellbeing”.

It’s all about the lifestyle decisions we make every day. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control, what determines your health is mostly (53%) lifestyle decisions you make every day. It is not medical (10%), or environment (21%) or genetics (16%) but lifestyle choices that are the predominate factor in determining your health!

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Wellness Coaching at LHAA

LHAA offers onsite coaching at our facility or remote options where you and the coach connect via phone. We also offer individual coaching as well as group coaching for those who feel they could benefit from the support of those also making lifestyle changes in their life. Both individual and group coaching are offered onsite or through teleconferencing.

Coaching is offered as series of 4 sessions or individual coaching sessions as well. Sessions can last up to an hour. Optional weekly check in calls and emails with your coach are part of the package of sessions.

Our Process

Wellness Coaching at LHAA is a five-stage process.

  1. First, we make an exploration and assessment to gain clarity and to help craft a vision that will help motivate you in your desire to make changes to your lifestyle.
  2. Second, we will create a Personal Wellness Map that will help determine the areas of your life that need focus and determine a plan and action steps to establish priorities.
  3. Third, your coach will act as a powerful ally providing accountability and support as you begin to implement changes in your lifestyle. Your coach will create agreements with you and track your behavior.
  4. Fourth, your coach will provide you with ongoing evaluation. They will help you stay on course, navigate by what is working, help you deal with reactions to change, acknowledge your successes and help you strategize through challenges.
  5. Fifth, your coach will work with you in developing clear measurable outcomes that will help solidify support for lasting lifestyle changes.

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Each Group Wellness option includes 4 sessions on consecutive Wednesdays – either remotely (12:00 PM) or onsite at LHAA (5:30 PM). Please click the classes below to find more information. 

Interested in Individual Coaching?

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