Yoga Classes at LHAA


Yoga classes at LHAA are “therapeutic” in nature.  They all involve breath-initiated, intentional, intelligent, healing movement.  All actions work with the body’s own knowledge and potential limitations.  There is great awareness to the breath and it’s vital integration to the mind/body experience.  All movements are anatomically and kinesiologically precise, to bring as much safety and proper alignment into poses.  We bring this deep fundamental knowledge to each class.

All classes will bring you greater core and back strength, increased balance, flexibility and range of motion, better posture and a deeper mind/body/spirit connection.  No matter the pace or depth of each class, you will be empowered to find your own voice, move with more ease and confidence, become stronger, more flexible, more stable and more comfortable in your own body and experience.

The Center offers a beautiful, inviting studio with mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and more to enhance your yoga experience.

“I have been battling lower back pain for 25 years. I have tried multiple remedies to relieve the pain but all were short term or didn’t work at all. I started doing yoga with my wife a month ago at Lexington Healing Arts Academy, and now I have no need for medicines or pain treatments, and I am pain free.”

– Kelly Lykins, yoga student

We offer a variety of package rates for our classes:

  • New Yoga student card: $30 (unlimited classes for 30 days)
  • 5 class Yoga card: $50 (expires in 3 months)
  • 10 class Yoga card: $90 (expires in 6 months)
  • 20 class Yoga card: $160 (expires in 12 months)
  • Drop-in charge: $12.00 per class

Calendar of Yoga Classes


Save time – print and complete these forms and bring with you to your first class:

Yoga and Group Exercise Intake Form | Minor Consent Form


Class Descriptions

Essential Yoga

In this essential yoga class, find balance in yourself amidst the imbalance of life.  Employ breath and movement to heal from the cumulative effects of both exertion and stagnancy to emerge renewed. Relevant anatomical and kinesthetic tidbits will be presented to inform your interpretation of your body and to aid your body in informing your mind. Beginners and experienced yogis alike can expect to find value in this class.

FUNdamentals- to Align, Refine, and Shine 

A great class to maintain, build and expand your range of motion, strength, flexibility and balance.  Emphasis on intelligent, intentional movement and optimal alignment to maintain proper body mechanics on your mat and in life.  Feel more mindful, aware and at ease in your own body by cultivating better breath/body/mind connection.  Designed to inspire in a friendly, approachable and supportive way.  Suitable for everyone.

Happy & Healthy Backs

Recognizing the vital importance of the spine for movement and well-being, this class develops awareness and understanding of the spine. We explore the benefits of proper alignment and its effects on the nervous system. Gently building strength and flexibility, the class combines asana (physical postures) with pranayama (breath work) and meditation, using the mind-body connection to foster happy, healthy backs. Each student will learn how to craft a practice appropriate to the needs of his or her own spine. Suitable for everyone.

Mindful Strength  

Move beyond the beginner and discover the integration of breath and body, cultivate intentional alignment, and build core strength.  In this challenging class you will find the power of slow flowing movement while building deep strength, flexibility and balance.  While accessible for beginners, this class is great for athletes and those enjoying a more regular yoga practice.

Relax and Restore  

Stretch away the stress of your day with this soothing and gentle class.  Reduce tension and anxiety, and bring your nervous system back into balance with mindful breath awareness and intentional movements to find integration of body and mind.  Expect longer held poses, restorative poses and movement initiated by the breath.  Great class for all levels of experience.

Yoga Foundations  

Build a safe and sustainable practice by bringing great attention to alignment, therapeutics and development of conscious breath work and inner body awareness.  Increase flexibility, balance and strength while improving posture, circulation and general well being.  Suitable for everyone.

Yoga Instructors

Our yoga instructors have years of experience in their practice and teaching, emphasizing safe, intelligent and intentional healing movement through yoga. Find a feature of our Yoga Center Director (and founder) Debra Booker on our Press Page and see how she finds happiness, health, and balance through yoga.

Debra Booker, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Debra is co-owner of LHAA (with her husband Bill), director of the Yoga Center, and teaches in LHAA’s Yoga Teacher Training Program. Debra grew up in her family’s health food store and has always been interested in health and wellness, exercise and nutrition. She discovered her love for movement and strength in high school, enjoying weight lifting, aerobics, kickboxing, dance and running. Bill and Debra moved to Lexington from Boulder, CO and bought LHAA in 2003. She discovered yoga while in Boulder and it deepened her understanding of the complete mind/body connection. Yoga has brought her such transformation both physically, mentally, and spiritually, and she is continually inspired to share this incredible practice with others.

Doug Cage, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Doug discovered yoga in 2007 following injury and gradually learned it’s healing effects extend way beyond the body. He is a LHAA graduate. By day he is a licensed mechanical engineer working to design environmental building systems aimed at human comfort and sustainability. This integration of disciplines yeilds a unique perspective in sharing both mindful and technical aspects of yoga, aimed at empowering students in the discovery of their own practice.

Aileen Carroll, RYT 200

Aileen is a firm believer that we already have everything we need within ourselves; yoga just allows us to unlock what’s within. After more than ten years of personal yoga practice, she decided to commit herself to sharing the gifts of yoga with others, completing her yoga instructor training at Lexington Healing Arts Academy in 2016. As a life-long student of philosophy, Aileen is fascinated by the philosophical components of the yogic path: it’s ethics, it’s views on knowledge and the nature of reality, etc. In her yoga teaching, she aims to create a steady and supportive environment in which people feel comfortable exploring their physical and mental landscapes. She emphasizes that by harmonizing our movements, our focus, and our breath, we can harmonize our body, mind, and spirit and connect to the source of strength and peace within us.

Beth Connors-Manke, RYT 200

Yoga has allowed Beth to learn about the body’s own capacity for healing through awareness, the breath, and proper alignment. A back injury brought Beth to Yoga in 2000 and since then, her back has been the greatest teacher in her yoga practice. A graduate of the LHAA’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance, Beth’s practice focuses on intellectual, intuitive, and spiritual understanding of body and mind.

Chris Garrett, RYT 200

From her very first yoga class in 2001 Chris found something deeply familiar and welcoming in the symmetry of postures, the breath-work and meditative qualities of the practice. Though she began yoga with the intention of improving strength and flexibility, the benefits went way beyond the physical. Twelve years later, after making the decision to leave a 15 year career in the corporate realm, Chris enrolled in LHAA’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program where she earned her teaching certification and become registered (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Chris is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga and its many gifts with others – believing that the practice benefits not only the individual student but their family, community and, ultimately, the world. Her breath centered practices emphasize proper form and alignment, but just as importantly, compassion towards oneself and cultivating a deep mind/body connection.

Tonya Legér, LMT, MQP

An array of life-time experience, combined with the study of biology at the University of Louisville, massage therapy at the Louisville Massage School and the Lexington Healing Arts Academy in 2008, and traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage on the Hawai’ian islands, and the martial art of Shao-Lin Do, inspired Tonya Legér, LMT., MQP. to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the internal arts. She studied Medical Qigong in Atlanta, Ga., and is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner, as well as a certified Qigong Instructor through the Rising Lotus Qigong in Atlanta, Ga. Tonya has a great enthusiasm for the many ways in which energy manifests itself, how we are influenced by it, and for the influence and potential we have regarding this energy. Her deep desire is to help bring a more seamless awareness to the beautiful interactions between the physical, mental, and spiritual in order to facilitate greater harmony and balance within ourselves, as well as in the world around us.

Connie Payne, RYT 200

Connie has been a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of yoga since the late 90’s when she was seeking relief from chronic back and hip pain.  Not only did she find that yoga helped strengthen and heal her body, but it offered a calming, centering experience that shed the stresses of everyday life.  Since Connie’s job is leading a statewide addiction recovery program, she understands the importance of finding ways of coping with stress.  She enjoys helping others deepen their awareness of the mind-body connection and finding more day to day tranquility.

Lauren Weaver, RYT 200

Lauren knew there was something special about yoga since her college days, when she noticed the weight of her overloaded backpack felt much lighter after an hour on her yoga mat.  In her personal practice, her yoga treats assorted ailments, counteracts the stresses of exercise, and brings motion to the body and stillness to the mind.  She is excited to share yoga’s many benefits, and finds guiding others both an honor and a joy.