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Yoga Training Testimonials

Lexington Healing Arts Academy has been such a huge blessing in my journey. The yoga teacher training course has not only expanded my physical asana, but also my mind and soul. I could not have asked for better teachers to learn from. Beth and Connie have so much knowledge and wisdom. I am full of gratitude knowing that I got to learn from them both. Our class quickly became friends, and I am so excited to see where our journey will take us from here. Thank you LHAA! Namaste.

Emma, 2022 Yoga Grad

I have really enjoyed my time here with LHAA. I began this course with little knowledge and now have enough to teach others! This has been a very transformative and enlightening period that I will forever be grateful for.

Sierra, 2022 Yoga Grad

LHAA offers a unique, year-long yoga teacher program to complete your first 200 hours. This requires developing your own daily practice. You will change a lot in a year. You will build your yoga community, make close connections with your classmates, and grow as a person. You learn that every present moment, you reset who you are and who you will become. Come as you are. You are enough. Thank you to all the wonderful people here!

Grace, 2021 Yoga Grad

The Lexington Healing Arts Academy Yoga Teacher Training Program provided me not only the opportunity to further my yoga knowledge and foundation, but also the chance to deepen my understanding of and love for myself.

Brittany C., 2021 Yoga Grad

Comprehensive yoga instruction with emphasis on safety, individuality, learning the how and why of yoga postures, being introduced to not only anatomy and physiology, but to philosophy, mindfulness, meditation and pranayama with individual, one-on-one instruction is how I would describe my education. I felt accepted, held accountable, and trained in a very professional environment. I cam to school knowing a little about yoga and left feeling ready to face the world as an instructor. My classmates were amazing and even though we had to work we also found time for fun and time to bond together. I will forever be grateful for this experience that LHAA has given to me.

Cindy W., 2021 Yoga Grad

What an experience this YTT 200-hour program has been! Not only did I grow in my personal asana practice, but I also made beautiful friendships. I would recommend this program to any yogi.

Stephanie F., 2021 Yoga Grad

LHAA provided an excellent educational experience for me. The instructors are knowledgable, experienced, and excellent teachers. My experience was very positive and I would recommend the program to anyone seeking to become a certified yoga instructor.

Leslie M., 2021 Yoga Grad

I have enjoyed my time in the LHAA YTT program due to the phenomenal instrutors and staff that provided support and knowledge every step of the way. I’m truly grateful to have been a part of such an amazing environment.

Maclaren, 2021 Yoga Grad

I am grateful for the opportunity to study yoga at LHAA. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and did not want to have surgery on my knee or take medications. Someone suggested yoga as an alternative treatment and it helped! I wanted to teach its healing properties to others and now I can do so.

Dr. Stephen, 2021 Yoga Grad

I loved the teachers, classmates, and school. I learned a lot and had fun doing it. I definitely recommend taking any classes here at LHAA, especially yoga teacher training.

G.H., 2021 Yoga Grad

I really enjoyed my experience here and would highly recommend LHAA to anyone. I specifically chose this program because I wanted to be sure I chose a program strong in the “technicalities” of yoga – anatomy and alignment. I felt I got that out of it, but so much more. I really enjoyed the variety – also learning about kirtan and mantras, ayurveda, mindfulness and meditation, aromatherapy, etc. Overall, one of the more rewarding experiences of my life.
Sheila B., 2017 Yoga Grad

This program is so much fun. The people are absolutely glowing with kindness and acceptance. This program has opened so many doors for opportunity.
2017 Yoga Grad

The YTT helped me to grow as an individual, which motivated me in all areas of my life. I feel confident in my ability to bring yoga to my community in a safe and supportive way. All of the instructors did an outstanding job in relaying their knowledge of yoga to all of the students. I’m grateful for the friendships, and connections made through this experience! My mind has been stretched and it will never be the same. Thank you LHAA!
Chelsea A., 2017 Yoga Grad

I loved this program. I signed up hoping to learn more about yoga when in fact I learned more about my own body. This program was set up better than any regular school I have been to. The hands-on approach really helped me excel because I learn better through touch, feel and visual. Not from just a text book or explanation from a teacher. The teachers were very good at answering Why? and How Come? we do things this way and not the other.
2017 Yoga Grad

LHAA has expanded my knowledge of yoga and all that it entails. I had never expected to learn as much as I did or that so much was involved in being a yoga teacher.
2017 Yoga Grad

I came to this program primarily to learn more about teaching asana and help myself decide if it was something I actually wanted to do. The program was so much more than that, which I have really enjoyed and appreciated. It has taught me that yoga is really a way of living your life well and not is not just a form of exercise. The variety of topics and guest speakers was excellent – some were of more personal interest to me than others, but all were good and worthwhile. I have enjoyed everything about the program and while I am glad to be finishing (I can spend more time now reading books I really want to read rather than yoga assignments!) I will miss our weekends, fellow students and instructors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
2017 Yoga Grad

I chose this school because it came highly recommended and I know why. Everything was thoughtfully planned to benefit the student, so I thank the staff at LHAA for giving me the tools to improve not only my physical health, but also my mental clarity and I’m excited to share this knowledge with others.
Debra S., 2017 Yoga Grad

They care about each one of us and what we have learned has been given with grace and kindness. I have loved every minute of my yoga teacher training.
Kimberly M., 2017 Yoga Grad


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