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Career-Focused Hands-on Training. Experienced & Passionate Instructors. Safe & Supportive Learning Environment. Discover the Lexington Healing Arts Academy Difference…

For over 23 years Lexington Healing Arts Academy (LHAA) has been providing high quality Massage and Yoga education training programs, Massage therapy services, yoga classes, and workshops in a broad range of professional and personal wellness practices. We invite you to explore LHAA & all we have to offer!

For our Massage program choose between our conveniently scheduled day, night, or weekend/online programs to best fit your schedule. Whichever you choose you can count on quality career focused education from an experienced and passionate faculty and staff.

Our classes are small and diverse so that you can succeed.


Start Dates
– 2022, 2023, 2024 –
September 2022 Day: Start 9/14/22 – Ends 7/19/23
September 2022 Night: Starts 9/20/22 – Ends 11/28/23
January 2023 Day: Starts 1/11/23 – Ends 11/2/23
January 2023 Weekend/Blended: Starts 1/28/23 – Ends 6/22/24
April 2023 Night: Starts 4/11/23 (estimated) – Ends 8/9/24 (estimated)
September 2023 Day: Starts 9/13/23 (estimated) – Ends 7/19/24
September 2023 Night: Starts 9/20/23 (estimated) – Ends 12/1/24 (estimated)

We strive to create a positive, supportive environment that includes study halls,tutoring, massage coaches, licensing exam prep classes, placement services, free yoga classes, and more.

Our Yoga Teacher Training program is held one weekend per month. The down time between classes allows the student the opportunity to integrate the lessons learned into their daily life and yoga practice. Our faculty is top notch and diverse. We employ leading practitioners from our region to teach our students in a broad range of subjects including mindfulness, Ayurvedic, meditation, Asana, breathwork and a range of other subjects to deepen someone’s individual as well as professional yoga practice.


Estimated Start and End Dates
– 2023 –
Starts 10/7/23 – Ends 9/9/24

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Yoga Teacher Training
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Is Massage Therapy Career Training Right for You?

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The education and training programs at Lexington Healing Arts Academy will empower you to be a knowledgeable, inspirational professional and practitioner. Through our comprehensive, accredited training programs for Massage and Yoga as well as our networking and job placement assistance program, our school can help you transform your passion for physical, mental, and spiritual well being into a long and successful career. Lexington Healing Arts Academy welcomes students from around the U.S. to our school and also serves our greater Lexington, Kentucky community through affordable massage sessions and yoga classes. Explore our Academic Programs or our Class Calendars to begin your journey with Lexington Healing Arts Academy today.

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“My experience with LHAA has been the most positive and beneficial learning experience I’ve had as a student. The staff has been exceptionally caring, informative, flexible, welcoming, inspiring, and sensitive to the needs of each student. I am so grateful for my time spent at LHAA, every moment has been a true blessing.”

- LHAA Graduate


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