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Massage Training Testimonials

I can’t say in a few words how being a massage therapist has changed my life, but LHAA is the BEST place to learn.

Daniel, 2017 Graduate

Love the ethics classes that Ann Boone teaches.

Felice, 2019 Graduate

LHAA is awesome, they helped me in every way possible to be an excellent and week educated LMT. The most important is that LHAA treats you like family.

Amber, 2020 Graduate

Massage has been the most rewarding career I could have had for myself. I am super grateful that we have this school to able to learn from and continue to learn through their continuing education classes. I found myself when I went to massage school.

Hilary, 2004 Graduate

I always enjoy coming in for the alumni ethics class. Good to see old friends – wonderful to have free continued education offered by the school.

Samantha, 2009 Graduate

Very intense program but very rewarding. Learned so much more than I ever knew massage therapists needed to know.

Christy, 2015 Graduate

We appreciate LHAA and it’s teachers being trailblazers in our industry!

Kelli, 2009 Graduate

I thoroughly loved my time here!

Stetson, 2011 Graduate

LHAA continues to support all of us graduates! After much research I found LHAA is the best in Kentucky & the instructors are the BEST!

Tanya, 2009 Graduate

Being a part of LHAA I knew how thorough and excellent the program was moving out of state really showed me just how advanced LHAA is. I am so honored to be an LHAA graduate and thankful that I have access to such an organization the quality of education is incomparable!

Lisa, 2013 Graduate

In the 15 years I’ve been practicing, I have repeatedly been made aware just how thorough our massage program is here at LHAA. Our core program prepares a student with a solid foundation that lays the groundwork for advanced continuing education.

Joe, 2007 Graduate

Thank you for hosting this continued education course. It was very beneficial to share info regarding our industry, clear rumors, and network with other LMT’s. Ann is a true gem to our industry with her knowledge and desire to continue growing. She looks to improve and protect our industry.

Phillip, 2015 Graduate


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