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Get the Most out of Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is an opportunity for meditation and deep relaxation. It’s your chance to practice increased inner awareness and develop the mind body connection through a sequence of passive poses like Child’s pose, Corpse pose, Happy Baby pose, Legs-up-the-wall...

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The Goal of Yoga

Yoga has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the last 10+ years; however, the ultimate goal of this ancient practice remains unclear for many. Why do we practice yoga? Is there one singular meaning behind all the postures, poses and breathing techniques? Are...

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These 3 Yoga Poses Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

It's no surprise to hear the eyebrow-raising statistics about the number of individuals who suffer from back pain. There are a number of treatments, therapies, creams, and everything in between designed to reduce this pain. Add yoga to the list - here are 3 poses that...

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Ease Into Restorative Yoga with These 6 Poses

Any type of physical activity that includes the words rest or restorative sounds like an easy, tranquil way to spend an afternoon, right? Well, that’s one of the misconceptions about restorative yoga. While a restorative yoga practice is comprised of more passive...

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How Yoga Can Help in Times of Loss or Grief

When it comes to loss or grief, all emotions are normal. From sadness, anger, helplessness, fear, guilt, and anxiety, they are all part of the grieving process. It can be painful to accept some of those feelings, naturally brushing them aside. But to move past grief,...

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Does Yoga Change Your Brain?

The ancient practice of yoga, as well as mindfulness meditation and positive thinking, has been attributed with changing the way our brains work - and these changes are definitely thought to be for the better. But are there really any scientific data to support these...

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