Massage Training Testimonials

Where to begin…this school has literally changed my life. I came into this school with anxiety and no confidence. I am leaving this school with zero anxiety and all the confidence in the world. I have loved every second of this school. I have loved all of my instructors, I have learned so much here, and I am so excited to go out into the world and start my career! LHAA will always have a place in my heart. I will never forget this experience!

Jody S., 2021 Graduate

I entered the LHAA massage therapy program at 49 years old. I was apprehensive about starting school so late in life. From the beginning I knew that LHAA was the place that I needed to be. The staff, administration, and instructors all genuinely want the students to succeed. My time with my classmates was some of the happiest and most rewarding of my life. For those considering enrolling in this program, I cannot recommend it enough. Make a difference in the lives of others, but most importantly, complete this program for yourself!

Beth S., 2021 Graduate

This was an amazing place to find hope in yourself and in people around you. I came here to find a future, with a “get in and get out” mentality. But I’m leaving with an education I am proud of and a community of people that genuinely love and support me. I can honestly say I am proud of myself for the first time. And I’m proud of the school and my classmates (ohana) for getting through this time.

Heather H., 2021 Graduate

When I decided to go to massage therapy school I had no idea what was really involved or who I was going to meet during this program. I can honestly say this journey, even though it’s been challenging due to the pandemic and unforeseen circumstances, I have had the best experience. I have a new ohana (family) and a new appreciation for myself and others.

I am incredibly thankful for my time at LHAA.

Melody N., 2021 Graduate

Lexington Healing Arts Academy has a great Massage Therapy program. I’ve learned so much from so many different licensed massage therapists about a variety of modalities and techniques. If they didn’t know something I was interested in, they could find someone for me to ask. The staff was always friendly and ready to help answer any questions. I’m so thankful to have been part of this program.

Sierra L., 2021 Graduate

The experience at LHAA was I’m sure different, as it was during the pandemic. The staff was always pleasant, kind, inviting, and supportive. The curriculum was pretty solid and I enjoyed the new techniques.

Chandra W., 2021 Graduate

LHAA is not only a place you will grow your knowledge, but also your energy. It is called Lexington HEALING Arts Academy because it’s truly a place of healing. This is a wonderful place to begin your healing journey.

Molly S., 2021 Graduate

Great community of people! So lucky to have this opportunity.

Hannah K., 2021 Graduate

A very thorough program. I met lots of great people. I learned a lot of really great things. It was a journey!

J.D. S., 2021 Graduate

My experience with LHAA has been the most positive and beneficial learning experience I have had as a student. The staff has been exceptionally caring, informative, flexible, welcoming, inspiring, and sensitive to the needs of each student, including their individual emotional needs. They provide a professional yet open and comforting learning environment, and are experienced in such a variety of subjects that it seems there’s always something new to learn. The course material was relevant and the work expected of the students was absolutely reasonable. LHAA does an excellent job of preparing students for employment after graduation and makes sure to answer any questions to the best of their knowledge. My time here has significantly impacted both my personal and professional life. Aside from the excellent administrative staff, among others, I’d like to mention Lauren Ward and Anne Boone have been perhaps the most inspiring professional women I’ve ever met. I am so grateful for my time spent at LHAA, every moment has been a true blessing. Thank you!

Abigail McCarthy Milliman, 2020 Graduate

What an absolutely AMAZING experience! I started with LHAA in the middle of a very challenging life experience. Every time I came to class I knew my instructor(s) wanted me to be successful in the completion of the coursework. The weekend course was grueling yet rewarding. The support and encouragement is always available. I will be forever grateful for this amazing journey. I’m proud to be an LHAA graduate.

Angela Shaw, 2019 Graduate

Lexington Healing Arts Academy has been a life-changing experience. I came in a little bit broken and left a bit more whole. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The course was challenging on so many levels. I have grown and I have matured. The faculty and staff was nothing but supportive in every way. They have taught us, guided us, motivated and encouraged me. I highly recommend LHAA to anyone thinking about becoming a massage therapist. You will learn a LOT about the human body but you will learn a lot about yourself.

Dominique DeWet, 2019 Graduate

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