Massage Training Testimonials

My experience with LHAA has been the most positive and beneficial learning experience I have had as a student. The staff has been exceptionally caring, informative, flexible, welcoming, inspiring, and sensitive to the needs of each student, including their individual emotional needs. They provide a professional yet open and comforting learning environment, and are experienced in such a variety of subjects that it seems there’s always something new to learn. The course material was relevant and the work expected of the students was absolutely reasonable. LHAA does an excellent job of preparing students for employment after graduation and makes sure to answer any questions to the best of their knowledge. My time here has significantly impacted both my personal and professional life. Aside from the excellent administrative staff, among others, I’d like to mention Lauren Ward and Anne Boone have been perhaps the most inspiring professional women I’ve ever met. I am so grateful for my time spent at LHAA, every moment has been a true blessing. Thank you!

Abigail McCarthy Milliman, 2020 Graduate

What an absolutely AMAZING experience! I started with LHAA in the middle of a very challenging life experience. Every time I came to class I knew my instructor(s) wanted me to be successful in the completion of the coursework. The weekend course was grueling yet rewarding. The support and encouragement is always available. I will be forever grateful for this amazing journey. I’m proud to be an LHAA graduate.

Angela Shaw, 2019 Graduate

Lexington Healing Arts Academy has been a life-changing experience. I came in a little bit broken and left a bit more whole. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The course was challenging on so many levels. I have grown and I have matured. The faculty and staff was nothing but supportive in every way. They have taught us, guided us, motivated and encouraged me. I highly recommend LHAA to anyone thinking about becoming a massage therapist. You will learn a LOT about the human body but you will learn a lot about yourself.

Dominique DeWet, 2019 Graduate

I was very lucky to have attended LHAA for my massage therapist education. My exposure to top notch teachers either highly successful massage therapists who were currently practicing, to spiritual overviews that encompassed broad reaching spiritual genres that encourage peace and its extension to clients, scientific anatomy and kinesiology classes, ethics and hands on clinics with the public, as well as goal setting and vision planning were practical as well as mind stretching to say the least. I loved that they also helped in getting me prepared to take the national licensing test as well as career placement in the local community and beyond or to open my own practice.

I took for granted what I learned until I began to practice as an LMT, and then I started to notice things that I knew (from my LHAA education) were not common knowledge or basic massage information as I had thought. Other good massage therapists did not have the same broad background that we were given. The administrative staff and the owner Bill Booker were so Present and available for conflict resolution, encouragement, and/or inspiration at anytime. I am very grateful for my education and time investment in such a high quality organization.

Kathleen Yorke, LMT

I come from a world in which very little was understood about the benefits of massage. LHAA was very helpful and very thorough in training me in all aspects of the massage therapy world. I enjoyed learning the various techniques, but was especially fascinated by learning the anatomy and physiology. Learning about business and ethics helped me make a more informed decision as to the career path I decided to take. LHAA opened my eyes to a much broader world than simply rubbing people’s shoulders. It has been so great to be a part of helping people feel and live better.

Sarah Holiday

My experience at LHAA has changed my life. I have grown personally and professionally. There aren’t enough words to describe what this has meant and still means to me. I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life and could not have done it without the amazing staff and my wonderful classmates. Even though we are graduating, I know we are not done on this journey together. I love this school, these people and now I even love my life more. Thank you LHAA!

Gloria Ross

LHAA was the best thing that I’ve done for myself. The people who teach here really have a passion and commitment to teaching their art. The atmosphere here is that of a second family. They care about you, your well being, and your future. The support here is like no other school.

Elisha Jones

LHAA has been one of the most positive experiences of my life! I met and bonded with people that I will never forget. This school has been really helpful in providing me with the resources I need for success!

Emily Glass

This school changed my life! Going into this, I had my doubts as to if I could succeed. The teachers guided me and showed me that I could do it. They were so helpful and supportive. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.

Shay Hutson

You know what works! Thanks for a great learning experience!

Carol Krueger

You all do a fantastic job! I loved all of it!

Elisha Barnette

This is a truly wonderful program. Truly a life changing experience.

Doug Reynolds

I have grown so much already by attending class and watching the teachers. I know I made a great decision.

Josiah White

Great education, wonderful staff and instructors. This is the school for people that think they don’t belong in college. I have never been happier to get up early to learn.

Linsay Ralston

This institution is a wonderful and caring environment, in which, I feel highly motivated to succeed. I love my instructors and I love my classmates and school. I am proud and passionate about what we all do here.

Arielle Ferrell

Very supportive, accessible & enthusiastic. Good balance of book/scientific material with mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the healing arts.

Angela Arnett

Everything about the school is welcoming and defined. Everything is straight forward and I know I have learned a lot from this institution.


Has far exceeded my expectations. The support provided to me for my growth as a student and in my personal growth has been amazing. I am very grateful for the overall learning.

Heather Spears

Until one becomes a member of this school body, no one call fully tell of the love, support, and healing available through all those contributing and participating in this life changing program!

DJ Webb

I feel the quality of education at LHAA is a level I would not receive any where else.

This school is loaded with nothing but amazing instructors. Attending Lexington Healing Arts has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned so much, not just about massage and the human body but of myself. I have found my true value, my true friends, and my true family.

The best decision I have made in a long time.

Gives the feeling of personal instead of just another face. Really feel welcome and safe along with feeling I am learning. Really glad I joined this program over all others.

I feel like a person not a number. All staff very friendly and helpful. They provide amazing learning and try to accommodate all learning styles.

This has been the best decision I have ever made. The support here is like no other. I feel like LHAA is a part of my family.

Everything has just been excellent. I feel like they have thought of and calculated everything.

LHAA has become a very supportive and loving role in my life. I couldn’t imagine ever going someplace different to get the education I need to pursue a career in massage.

I love this school. Extremely supportive and knowledgeable staff with wonderful Ohana – these people are now part of my family and personal life. Thank you!

I love it here! Best decision in my adult life to enroll!! Thank you for making this the best educational environment and providing such a safe place to be.

Excellent school!!

This school has changed me for the better and I hope it helps keep improving for students ahead of me. Thank you to all the staff, its truly worth every penny.

One of the best decisions of my life. I love the positive energy & knowledge I gain by being here.

It has been a life changing event ( for the good) I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Feels like 2nd home, great instructors.

This is everything I hoped it would be & more.

I love this school so much. Great people, teachers and staff.

I am learning even more than I expected to learn about the body and massage. I find the other “complimentary” classes valuable and educational.

This has been a safe environment for me to learn, and not only about massage but also about myself. I am very grateful that I am here and I am very impressed with the instructors.

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