Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

This program is leading me on the path I aim to live my life.

I feel as though the instructors have amazing experience and are incredibly knowledgeable. I feel I will be well prepared to teach.

Very professionally maintained. Very talented teacher. High quality situation.

High quality instructors, deep experience. High quality facility. Emphasis on learning safety, non-violent communication.

This is an amazing program.

Taking the Yoga Teacher Training Program at LHAA truly changed me. I am so much more in touch with my body, my breath and my thoughts and emotions. I am much more aware of where my body is in space at all times, which brings me into the present moment, which then leads to more appreciation and gratitude for who  I am and what I truly have. The program taught me  impeccable safety and alignment which I am forever grateful for, for both myself and my students. I find I love teaching to others: helping students find more awareness of breath, more strength and flexibility in their bodies and more general health and well-being. Yoga is about finding freedom of breath and finding a deeper connection to oneself, and this program gave me that knowledge.  MB

“Love everything LHAA does! You guys are fantastic!” – Chesney Turner

“Loved every minute of it! Such a warm atmosphere and like family.” – Cala Coleman

“Every class I learn something life changing, and have gained a sense of community.” – Cara Pennington

“This program has been one of the most eye-opening and all around informative experiences of my life. I have learned so much about my mind and body during this wonderful journey.” – Melissa Williams

“I feel like I am getting a very thorough yoga education from an experienced teacher. The days are planned out exceptionally well, and the staff and instructors are always helpful.” – Lindsay Harrell

“The experience has been phenomenal! Very non-intimidating classroom experience, with very easy to understand instruction. All reading and homework are purposeful, not just busy work. For would-be teachers or folks who just want a deeper understanding of yoga this class is excellent! Also very appreciative of the organization of classes.” – Connie Payne