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One of LHAA’s massage therapy teachers, Bobbi Junod, was recognized on March 14, 2018 by the American Massage Therapy Association® (AMTA®) as the recipient of its 2018 Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award.

Junod was selected from among thousands of instructors from more than 1200 massage schools across the country and recognized for exceptional teaching ability and commitment to high standards of education.

Junod has a long history in education. She earned a Masters Degree in Vocational Education and spent eight years teaching horticulture in public schools in Ohio and Kentucky. A graduate of LHAA’s Massage Therapy Training Program she has also served as the Director of Education in addition to being an instructor. She currently teaches Thought Patterns for a Successful Career to massage therapy students.

Included in Junod’s nomination was high praise for her skills as an educator and the care she devotes to her students, through statements such as:

“When I think of Bobbi Junod, it is very easy for me to see her as a role model.”

“She made students feel heard and understood even in their mistakes and self-perceived failures.”

“She radiates passion for health and wellness and maintains a constant positive state of mind.”

“We are incredibly proud of Bobbi, and applaud the AMTA® for recognizing such a dedicated and exemplary teacher,” said LHAA Executive Director Bill Booker. “She has been instrumental in shaping our Massage Therapy Training Program, and when working with her students helps them develop both technical skill and passion for massage therapy.”

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