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A new study supported by The Massage Therapy Foundation shows that massaging an overexerted muscle doesn’t just feel good, but can also help blood flow.

The details of this study including its methodology and findings are discussed in an article in Massage Today (read full article here:

Participants with exercise-induced muscle injury who received massage therapy were shown to have increased blood flow, while those that did not had reduced blood flow in the upper extremities.

These results are exciting as practitioners have often observed increased circulation as one of the many benefits of massage therapy. This study provides further empirical data to support these observations.

Who could benefit from massage of sore muscles?

Exercise-induced muscle injury is extremely common and can result from a tough workout in any number of disciplines, particularly those involving strength training and muscle lengthening contractions. Those new to exercise, working a new set of muscles, or elevating a workout routine to a higher level of intensity than they are used to are particularly susceptible.

When seeing a massage therapist for sore and/or injured muscles be sure to share with him or her where you are feeling pain, what level of discomfort you are experiencing, and how you sustained the injury. This information will help the therapist more effectively use massage to help alleviate pain and promote healing.

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