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massage and allergies

For those who suffer from allergies, whether they be indoor or outdoor environmental reactions to pollens, pet dander or saliva, dust mites, or mold, they can send our immune system reactions into overdrive causing a number of irritating symptoms. While massage therapy cannot prevent allergic reactions, it may be able to help minimize the symptoms by boosting the immune system. Here are four symptoms often associated with allergies and massage techniques that may provide relief.

Chest Congestion

Chest tightness and coughing are common symptoms of airborne allergens like dust mites and pollen. A chest massage using gentle tapping techniques around the collarbone and slow strokes up to the throat can help loosen and discharge mucous.


The wind mansion, a pressure point located in the hollow at the very base of the skull and top of the neck, when massaged, can help bring relief for allergy-related headaches and head congestion.

Stuffy Nose

Allergies can produce headaches and congestion that can cause pain or tenderness around your cheeks, eyes, or forehead. A facial massage, using gentle finger pressure can help stimulate the release of mucous as well as relax your facial muscles and help alleviate the symptoms of an allergy-induced stuffy nose.

Sinus pressure

A Lymph Drainage Reflexology Trigger Point massage on the bottom of your feet helps stimulate the lungs, chest, and bronchial and opens the sinus cavities to help release sinus pressure. The gentle pressure and warmth from the hands may also help by increasing blood circulation.

If you would like to try massage therapy to help lessen the symptoms of seasonal allergies, our massage clinic is open to the public – offering therapeutic student and professional massages. Find out more and book an appointment online.


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