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No Thumbs Deep Tissue Techniques

A powerful combination of deep tissue techniques, body mechanics, and self-care.

Do you finish your day of giving massage exhausted and in pain? These two workshops will forever change the way you approach Deep Tissue Massage. Come learn how to perform deeper massage without harming yourself or the client with a variety of myofascial, trigger point and passive/active engagement techniques your clients will love. This workshop includes a thorough exploration of Core Body Mechanics, ergonomics, and our signature – “No Thumbs” Deep Tissue Techniques so that you will never dread seeing deep tissue sessions on your books again!

1. “No Thumbs Deep Tissue Techniques” – Upper Body
2. “No Thumbs Deep Tissue Techniques” – Lower Body

Therapists will learn:

  • Core Body Mechanics in standing, seated and kneeling positions
  • Research around the detrimental effects of forward head posture and digital compression with thumbs when performing massage
  • How to work with medial/lateral shin splints, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, tennis/golf elbow and more
  • The emotional intelligence of the fight/flight nervous system and the amygdala
  • “No Thumbs” Deep Tissue Techniques for all regions of the body

Cost: $159/workshop or $275 for both
CE Hours: 7/workshop or 14 for both
Instructor: Eric Stephenson

We need a minimum of 6 people enrolled one week prior to the start of class. Max of 20 people.

Eric Stephenson

Eric Stephenson
Eric Stephenson, LMBT is co-founder of imassage, Inc. in Chapel Hill, NC. Eric creates continuing education focused on career longevity for massage schools, spas and professional organizations specializing in Deep Tissue Massage that does not harm the therapist or the client. All workshops focus on saving your hands with his “No Thumbs!” approach & Core Body Mechanics that help prolong your career.

Eric has been teaching workshops internationally for over 15 years and has worked with the most respected names in the industry including- Sandals Resorts, Mii Amo Sedona, , Wynn/Encore Las Vegas, Grove Park Inn Asheville and Kamalaya Thailand.

Eric serves as Chief Wellness Officer for Elements Massage, one of the largest massage providers of massage therapy in the country. In addition, he is a former member of the International Spa Association (ISPA) Board of Directors in Lexington, KY. Contact Eric at


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