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Massage Therapy is a fulfilling, enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding career path. Licensed massage therapists learn a great deal about human anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology and how all the systems of the body work together, as well as how to provide massage that is therapeutic and helps people feel great. Of course, in order to be a viable career for most of us, it’s important that a massage practice must also pay the bills!

So what are the employment options for Licensed Massage Therapists? Here are a few of the common job opportunities you may wish to explore:

Gym, Health Club, or Fitness Facility

Therapeutic massage is an excellent addition to a fitness program, as it helps one avoid injury, use correct form, and reduce the aches and pains commonly associated with working out. Many gyms are becoming aware of this and adding Licensed Massage Therapists to their fitness staffs. Learn more about the integration of Massage and Fitness Training here >> The Benefits of Incorporating Personal Training into a Massage Practice

Spa or Resort

Spas and salons often offer therapeutic massage on their list of services. In a day spa environment you may find that you are able to work with clients on a regular basis. These long term working relationships can allow you to really make a difference as you get to know the person’s body, their challenges, and how you can help them feel better. In a resort setting there is the wonderful benefit of getting to live and work in a place most people only get to experience on vacation!

Medical Practice

The line between “traditional” medicine and holistic wellness is getting blurrier all the time, which we think is a wonderful thing! More and more medical doctors are realizing the benefits of alternative medicine and treatments such as massage, cranio sacral therapy, and acupuncture in conjunction with or even as an alternative to medicine, surgery, and other therapies. There are increasingly opportunities available for licensed massage therapists on the staff of a medical practice, chiropractic office, or hospital. Read about one medical organization that is embracing massage as well as other integrative care >> KentuckyOne Health, Inc. Opens First of Three Healthy-Lifestyle Centers

Private Practice

Many massage therapists choose to start their own private practice rather than go to work for a larger organization. They realize many benefits such as being able to set their own hours, work in the comfort of their homes or those of their clients, and often make a higher hourly rate. Of course a private practice has its challenges as well – in addition to being a massage therapist you are also a business owner responsible for marketing, scheduling, and bookkeeping, among many other tasks. In addition there is no paid time off when you are your own boss, and you must arrange for your own healthcare coverage. It is also important to consider your own safety when meeting with a new client for the first time.

How to find Massage Job Opportunities

So how do you find job openings in places like those listed above? Current and former LHAA students can reach out to us for help with Job Placement Assistance. Our staff assists students with career counseling as well as networking with potential employers both locally and nationwide. You can also search job listings on online job boards and websites, and network with friends, family members, fellow students, and more. Social media makes it easy to cast a wide net and make lots of people aware of your job search and career aspirations. In addition, you may find you are able to create the ideal position for yourself. Talk to a medical doctor, health club director, or other professional about the benefits of massage. You may be able to educate them, help them improve the quality of their services, and find a great job at the same time!

To learn more about LHAA’s academic program click here >> LHAA Massage Therapy Training or use the short form to the right to request a free information kit. You can also call (859) 252-5656.

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