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Exploring Classical Meditation Techniques

In this workshop, we’ll discuss some of the major philosophies associated with meditation such as the 8-limbed path and Patanjali’s yoga sutras. We’ll practice several kinds of meditation – sitting/breathing (with mudra), walking, and tratak. This will be a great class for those looking to deepen their meditation practices and connect with a meditation community.

Cost: $50
Instructor: Carly Conatser

Carly Conatser, E-RYT
Carly went kicking and screaming to her first Vipassana meditation retreat. However, she came out 10 days later with a deep appreciation for the practice and even more curiosity about it. She blends ancient tradition with current research in her compassionate and humorous teaching style. Carly has taught in over 25 yoga teacher training sessions at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. As a yoga educator, Carly develops and writes teacher training curriculum for yoga studios including One Love in Kent, Ohio, Solid Roots (now Radically Rooted), Sterling Hot Yoga, Wildfire Yoga, and Lexington Healing Arts Academy in Lexington, Kentucky.

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