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Finding Your Neutral

If you’ve ever heard an instructor in class cue you to find “neutral spine” and wondered if you were doing it right – or what it meant – this workshop is for you. Neutral spine describes the anatomical stacking of your individual vertebrae in a way that allows for natural curvatures to exist in your spinal column. After all, our spine is not meant to be perfectly straight! Neutral curves help us distribute weight loads evenly across our whole body, which means that we can ease the burden on our joints, live with less pain, and move with more freedom. With special attention to head, ribcage, and pelvic alignment, we’ll use yoga asanas to explore how to find your neutral spine, and how to support your individualized neutral with muscular engagement.

This class is appropriate for all levels.

Cost: $35
Instructor: Julia D’Agostino

Julia D’Agostino, E-RYT 200
Julia D’Agostino is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, mat Pilates instructor, trauma coach, and tarot reader. Julia has been practicing Yoga since 2008 and believes wholeheartedly in exploring the body as the gateway to healing and wellness. Julia’s classes emphasize strong, fluid movements with anatomical precision and emotional sensitivity, prioritizing safety and encouraging introspection. With Julia, you’ll learn to breathe, move, and attune to your own body-mind with stability and compassion.

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