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Hospital Based Massage Therapy Training Program

100-hour advanced training in HBMT.
LHAA is very excited to offer a 100-hour advanced training in Hospital-Based Massage Therapy (HBMT), the first of its kind in the state of Kentucky. This unique program encompasses the clinical aspect of working in the hospital setting while providing in-depth guidelines and protocols to safely work on all populations of hospital patients.

The weekend modules reflect the 48-hour instructional classroom section that includes, but is not limited to:

  • an in-depth study of conditions seen in the hospital
  • pathophysiology of cancer and types of cancer treatments
  • guest speakers
  • hands-on protocols

The remainder of the training revolves around 40 additional hours of externship to be completed at Baptist Health Hospital in Lexington, KY and take-home assignments and assessments.

Focus on Cancer & Oncology Massage

More and more patients and their loved ones are researching the benefits of oncology massage for people being treated for cancer. Benefits include not only relief from physical pain, but also relief from stress, worry, depression, and the inability to sleep, all symptoms that can be prevalent in people living with cancer.

Our advanced training program offers the foundation for providing professional-level oncology and cancer massage that will provide these life-improving benefits.


What is Hospital-Based Massage Therapy?
Hospital-Based Massage Therapy is a modality of massage that provides comfort-care to patients in the hospital setting using a light and gentle touch. A growing number of cancer and hospitalized patients and their care providers are realizing a need for holistic methods to ease their symptoms. Comfort-care, Hospital-Based Massage can be safely administered to any hospitalized patient with cancer or other conditions, regardless of the severity of their illness. HBMT has become a specialty field in massage and research has proven it is safe for treating patients.
Who can apply to the program?
Any licensed massage therapist who has successfully completed a minimum of 500 hours of training and has current liability insurance can apply to the program.

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What is a typical class size?
Classes in this program are deliberately kept small, as to allow our students to receive more individual attention from our highly dedicated and experienced instructors. Classes usually range from 8-12 students.  During the externship at Baptist Health Lexington, the typical student/supervisor ratio is 2:1.
What is the class schedule?

For the convenience of our students, the Hospital-Based Massage Program is commonly offered several times a year. The date for 2020 are:

July 10-12, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

What is the externship schedule?
In addition to the 48-hour instructional classroom portion of the program, each student must also complete 40 hours of supervised externship at Baptist Health Lexington, as well as 12 hours of take-home work. The externship must be completed within 3 months,  prior to completion of  the coursework. A student may work either a 4 or 8 hour shift.
How much does it cost?
The total cost for the Hospital-Based Massage Program is $1,650.00 which includes the cost of your textbook, required reading,” Medicine Hands” by Gayle MacDonald and your scrubs for externship.

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What makes LHAA's Hospital-Based Massage Program different?
The first in the state, LHAA’s 100 Hour Hospital-Based Massage Program seeks to educate, inspire, and provide valid tools for participants to transition into hospital work with confidence and ease. This unique program is strongly supported through research, pathology, oncology explained treatments and massage protocols that are safe and effective in the hospital setting.

You’ll also find that our educators, staff, and facility provide a friendly, peaceful and welcoming environment, creating an atmosphere that makes LHAA a place you look forward to coming to!

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Thank you for your interest in Lexington Healing Arts Academy. Please contact Carol Rajchel, Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator, with any questions regarding our HBMT Program or any of our other Academic Programs or workshops(859) 252-5656 ext. 25 or

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Why Choose LHAA For Hospital-Based Massage Therapy Training?

This advanced program focuses heavily on the clinical aspect of working in a hospital setting, the science and research involved, and viable hands-on protocols to safely work on all hospital patients. As a student in the HBMT program, you will have access to the latest research surrounding hospital-based massage, training by guest professionals from Baptist Health Hospital, and the safest, most effective hands-on massage protocols.

Through LHAA’s Hospital-Based Massage Program, You Will…

  • Develop advanced competency in the science, research and hands-on massage protocols of HBMT
  • Have access to the latest research in HBMT and Oncology Massage
  • Have access to the latest oncology treatments, genetic counseling, nutrition and lymphatic specialization through our guest speakers
  • Establish clinical oncology and hospital-based skills needed to effectively communicate with the patient
  • Through the externship, develop the confidence, competence and professionalism needed to work in a hospital setting
  • Continue your massage therapy education in a meaningful, purposeful way


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