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When we aren’t in good health, we can’t produce good work. That’s why for years, many employers have proactively searched for ways to help their employees lead healthier lives. One way is by offering corporate wellness programs, a set of benefits intended to help improve the well-being of their employees. Programs might include free or reduced gym memberships, an onsite fitness center, smoking cessation programs, or health risk assessments. Massage therapy is another wellness program feature that employees are taking advantage of.

Science-backed data has shown that massage therapy has benefits that help employees offset job stress, which can lead to low morale, increased anxiety and depression, as well as other health-related concerns. Job-related stress comes in all shapes and sizes, across all types of industries and careers. In fact, an estimated one million Americans miss work each day because of stress. Here’s how massage therapy can help employees cope with stress.

  • Relaxes over-active minds.
  • Releases muscle tension.
  • Decreases anxiety and depression.
  • Improves mood and feeling of contentment.

Here are a few more reasons why employers are including massage therapy in their corporate wellness programs to help employees with job-related stress.

Increases productivity

Massage therapy helps negate some of the stress-related consequences that can lead to absenteeism and diminished engagement and job performance.

Improves hiring and retention

In a competitive labor market, employees are looking for companies that will support them holistically. Adding massage therapy to a corporate wellness program could help attract top talent and keep them.

There are lots of ways to incorporate massage therapy into a corporate wellness program.

On-site massage therapy. Employers could have massage therapists come to the workplace a few times a month and provide anything from short chair massages to hour-long sessions in a private room.

Off-site massage therapy. Some employers may contract with a specific massage therapy clinic to offer massages on the employee’s time outside of business hours. Employers may choose to subsidize the cost of the massage or pay for the entire cost.

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