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Massage Ethics Course

An informative and active discussion about Kentucky’s revised laws and regulations.

Ethical Decision Making: Ethical Practice management, Kentucky’s Revised Laws and Regulations

As Licensed Massage Therapists in Kentucky, we learn the basic rules to allow us practice legally: No diagnosing, only assessing. No sexual contact with clients. Do no harm. Do the most good. These are the “no brainers” in our Laws and Regulations we’re familiar with. We’ll be discussing what we need to know to be more fully informed professionals in order to make the best decisions to benefit our clients and our practices.

We’ll discuss Kentucky’s Laws and Regulations and recent changes in our legislation that affect our profession as a whole. Just a few of the exciting changes include adding PEMF/BEMER and/or Microcurrent to our scope of practice, changes in reinstating licensure once lapsed as well as how to apply for a NPI# and why it’s important.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Cost: $40
CE Hours: 3
Instructor: Ann Boone

Ann Boone
Ann has been practicing massage therapy and bodywork since 1979. After many years of practice as a self-taught therapist, Ann continued her education in a more traditional setting at Lexington HealingArts Academy graduating in 2003. Her advanced trainings include: Neuromuscular/Trigger Point therapies, Lymph Drainage, visceral and neural manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, Pre/post-natal, sports massage and Active Isolated Stretching. Ann has over 3,500 hours experience in physical therapy settings (outpatient orthopedic, acute care, sports medicine) as well as having served as team massage therapist to the University of Kentucky track team (co-Ed) as well as the basketball team for 11 years. As a member of the AMTA, she has served as co-founder/co-chair of the AMTA-KY Sports massage team, delegate to the national convention for Kentucky and is currently state Government Relations chair. She has a private practice in Lexington, Kentucky and currently teaches kinesiology and ethics at LHAA in the Massage Therapy Training Program.

We need a minimum of 5 people enrolled one week prior to the start of class. Max of 50 people.

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