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Massage therapy is much more than a relaxation device or a leisurely indulgent. It’s an effective remedy for athletes involved in all sports, both professional and amateur, to manage pain, recover from sports injuries, reduce stress, increase range of motion, and as a pre-event therapy.

Pain Relief

One of the greatest benefits of massage therapy for an athlete may be its effectiveness to relieve pain from injurieslike strains, sprains, pulled muscles, and tennis elbow. Pain inhibits performance which means an athlete isn’t performing to his or her maximum potential. Regular massage therapy can reduce muscle pain and tension so an athlete can concentrate on the game or sport.

Range of Motion

Massage therapy may increase flexibility and range of motion in athletes, helping them sustain their maximum performance levels. Massage therapy promotes flexibility and range of motion by keeping joints muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints fluid.

Blood Circulation

Applying massage therapies can have cardiovascular benefits for athletes as well by increasing blood circulation with relieves tension, reduces soreness, and speeds recovery time, which can improve athletic performance.

Sleep Patterns

Sleep quality and quantity patterns often improve with regular massage therapy. Massage reduces muscle tension and increases circulation levels, which increases breathing and blood flow. This is especially significant for athletes because more sound sleep can help improve performance levels.


In addition to the physical treatments, massage therapy offers restorative benefits for the mind and soul as well. Therapeutic massage helps release the physical traumas in the body that is often triggered by the emotional disruptions from anxiety and stress.  Using massage therapy as part of a pre-event strategy can help decrease anxiety and prepare the mind for competition.

While there are massage therapists that specialize in sports therapies, athletes can find relief and comfort from an experienced, professional licensed massage therapist who has the “LMT” designation after his or her name. An LMT can help athletes improve their physiological and psychological selves in an effort to improve their performance and rehabilitation.

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LHAA is a premiere Kentucky massage school focusing on enriching the lives of passionate students and providing the tools and experience necessary to hold a long term career in massage therapy.

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