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Most of us already appreciate the benefits of massage, especially when it follows a strenuous workout or extended period of stress. New research shows that along with its immediate advantages, massage can decrease the need for pain medication, lower stress levels, improve sleep and decrease anxiety and depression. The findings also support the theory that massage reduces muscle inflammation and increases the body’s ability to recover from exercise.

An article from Massage Today, reports that a recent study focused on the long-term impact of massage therapy in an attempt to answer the question. “Can the incorporation of massage improve a patient’s plan of pain management?”

The study analyzed the use of massage as a pain management therapy along with the use of pain medication. The goal of the research group was to measure, “the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering” with the inclusion of massage therapy.

Sixty-five participants who were inpatients at a community nonprofit hospital in rural Arizona were selected for the study. Massage therapists used a combination of Swedish massage, acupressure, and craniosacral therapy. The sessions ranged from 15 to 45 minutes, included soft music and ended with a light lotion massage of the hands, feet or neck.

Massage advocates will not be surprised at the findings:

  • On a 10-point scale, pain levels decreased from an average of 5.18 to 2.33 after each massage.
  • Most patients experienced a decrease in pain for 1 to 4 hours after the session and around one third reported a drop in pain levels lasting from 8 to 24 hours.
  • All participants noted that massage, “decreased their overall pain levels and need for pain medications, and improved emotional well-being, sense of relaxation, and contributed to a faster recovery.”

Experience the benefits of therapeutic massage with us when you visit our Massage Clinic. We offer several choices, including deep tissue work, hot stone massage and relaxation. Be sure to let your massage therapist know about any pain you are experiencing or any other medical issues before your massage. Please use this link to learn more and book your session:

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