Vedic Thai on the Table

Learn how to integrate Thai techniques into any practice.

Due to COVID-19, the remaining 2020 Continuing Education workshops are canceled. We hope everyone stays well in the meantime and hope to resume workshops as normal in 2021.

As part of our commitment to providing continuing education for massage therapists, we are very pleased to offer Vedic Thai on the Table, a course that covers integrative Vedic Thai Yoga massage into any practice. Beyond “Thai massage,” Vedic Thai on the Table honors the prestigious lineage of the Vedic culture and traditions for holistic wellness and prosperity.

In this course, students will learn safe and effective techniques to help treat the entire body, while relaxing and revitalizing themselves in the process.

The Vedic Thai on the Table course will cover methods to…

  • Release pain and muscular tension
  • Relieve physical, mental and emotional stress
  • Clear congestion in the nadis (energy pathways, similar to the meridian system) chakras (nerve plexuses and vitality centers), and marmas (ayurvedic energy points similar to trigger points).
  • Stretch clients safely and effectively
  • Increase range of motion and synovial fluid
  • Use interactive techniques for deeper effects with longer lasting results
  • Invigorate yourself while working smarter, not harder
  • Access a new approach to “deep tissue massage”
  • Self-care for the longevity of your practice
  • And much more!

The course will be conducted completely clothed. Those who enroll are urged to wear stretchy, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement.

Anyone with an interest in this technique is encouraged to enroll, regardless of yoga experience.

The cost of this course is $450 and is led by the highly skilled Lauren Ward. You can learn more about Lauren here.

Required supplies for this course include comfortable clothes, sheets, towel, pillowcase, pen and paper. This course provides 24 continuing education hours.

Benefits of Vedic Thai Massage

Incorporating this technique into your massage practice can provide your clients with several benefits, including…

  • Rejuvenate body and mind
  • Relieve muscle pain and tension
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Improve connection between body and mind

We need a minimum of 8 people enrolled before we can start the class – enrollment must be completed at least one week prior to the first day of class. If approved by the instructor, payment plans are allowed.


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