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Lexington Healing Arts Academy is a center for the study and practice of yoga in Lexington, KY. Whether you are exploring becoming a yoga teacher, are looking to expand your own personal practice, or are interested in attending a yoga class for the first time, welcome!

Become a Yoga Teacher

The Yoga Teacher Training Program at Lexington Healing Arts Academy will change your life! Whether you want to deepen your own practice or teach yoga to others, this program will change your perspective about how you live. LHAA teaches the full depth and breadth of yoga – incredibly focused, alignment based core teachings, encompassing the history, art and science of this life enhancing ancient practice. We respectfully embrace ancient yoga teachings within the context of an innovative, contemporary journey to a mindful body and embodied mind. Join us on this incredible journey!

Enjoy Our Yoga Classes

Premier Lexington, KY yoga studio, Healing Arts Yoga at LHAA offers a wide variety of great classes taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Our yoga classes involve breath-initiated, intentional, intelligent, healing movement. All actions work with the body’s own knowledge and potential limitations. There is great awareness to the breath and it’s vital integration to the mind/body experience. Something for everyone from beginner to longtime practitioners.

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“Yoga Teacher Training helped me to grow as an individual, which motivated me in all areas of my life. I feel confident in my ability to bring yoga to my community in a safe and supportive way. All of the instructors did an outstanding job in relaying their knowledge of yoga to all of the students. I’m grateful for the friendships, and connections made through this experience! My mind has been stretched and it will never be the same. Thank you LHAA!”

- LHAA Graduate

“I love the instructors who are very precise in their cueing and who take the time to make sure you are aligning your body correctly. It has made all of the difference in the world to the benefit my body gains from the classes. ”

- Yoga Student

Yoga Blog

Read about the latest news and scientific studies from the yoga world, get updates on the LHAA yoga teacher training program and Healing Arts Yoga at LHAA studio, and learn more about a career teaching yoga.

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