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Did you know that how you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day? Think about it. The morning hours may be considered the most productive time of day because there are fewer distractions. Here are 5 morning habits that Fitness Magazine recommends to keep your day on track.

Make your bed

Two minutes top. That’s all the time it takes to make your bed. And what do you get in return? A sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning that will likely carry you through the rest of the day. And, according to Psychology Today, people who make their beds get more sleep!

Drink water

Find that you don’t get enough water throughout the day? Chug at least 16 oz. of that crystal clear H2O first thing in the a.m. and say hello to increased energy levels, metabolism, moisturized skin, kidney and heart function.

Have a schedule

It’s simple: A day well planned helps you get more done. It does require a bit of discipline – which is a good thing – but having a plan can help reduce stress, increase productivity, decrease mistakes, and allows you to plan for more free time, which is also a good thing!


No matter what activity you choose, get your body moving in the morning. Whether you do yoga in your jammies before getting out of bed, a full-body workout to get the heart pumping, or a purposeful walk – with or without a dog – to clear your thoughts, being active in the morning can boost your metabolism, giving you energy to start the day.

Incorporate music

Before you hit the snooze button, hit ‘play’ on your playlist. Did you know that listening to music can have many positive effects on your day? For starters, it can kick-start your positive mood, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, boost memory, and improve cognition.

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