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With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an eight percent increase in the number of new personal trainers by 2022, it will become increasingly important for gyms and fitness studios to find the right trainers for their clients, as well as a synergistic match for the rest of their team. When interviewing and hiring personal trainers, managers should consider not only education and experience, but soft skills like personality and creativity as well.


Perhaps the most important criteria for employing a personal trainer is education. Trainers should have an applicable fitness certification in their area of expertise from an accredited, reputable organization, but they should also have a solid education preparing them for the work. They should be well versed in areas such as anatomy and physiology, nutrition, fitness assessment, program design, as well as the business aspects of personal training such as marketing and client retention.


A great personality is equally important in hiring a personal trainer. Clients are exposing their most vulnerable selves when they ask for help from a trainer, so they want someone who makes them feel comfortable, motivates them, challenges them, is patient with them, and someone who is likable but professional.


A trait that might get overlooked is creativity, and willingness to step outside of the comfort zone. Trainers who can easily detect boredom or hesitation in a client and quickly mix up the routine to keep the client engaged and motivated is a plus. You want a trainer who has imaginative workout ideas and isn’t afraid to introduce out-of-the-box routines.

Business Portfolio

On the business side, gym and studio owners and managers should look for personal trainers who are adept at selling themselves and the facility. Good trainers should be marketing savvy, leveraging social media, personal websites, and other online marketing tools to actively build a customer base and keep clients returning.

Team Player

In addition to working well with clients, gym owners should look for trainers who are group-oriented and can successfully integrate with the rest of the employees. When every individual on a team plays to his or her strengths, and by helping and encouraging one another, they can make great things happen for your business.

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