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Ayurvedic tips for spring

Something that’s been around for thousands of years has staying power for a reason. Take Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest surviving systems of healing with origins in the Hindu tradition. Ayurveda teaches us that the key to feeling healthy from season to season is finding balance in our bodily systems through the mind using diet, herbal treatments, and yogic breathing. There’s no better time to acquaint yourself (or get reacquainted) to Ayurveda than the transitional season of spring. Especially if you have a kapha dosha constitution.

The sun may be shining and the temps inching warmer, but we haven’t yet made the full transition from an inactive winter. It’s time to balance the kapha dosha – the glue of the body – so you feel energized, limber, empowered, tranquil, and stable. Kapha originates from the earth and water elements and quite literally means “that which sticks”. Yuck! And when your kapha dosha is out of balance, your body and mind might feel like it’s still hibernating, dull, and, well, sticky.

Here are some tips for incorporating kapha-balancing Ayurveda principles into your life for a healthier, happier season.

Eat kapha-balancing foods

Following the Ayurvedic principals, one of the ways to bring kapha into balance in the spring is to lighten up physically – also mentally and emotionally. You can do this by eating lighter. Foods like spinach, okra, sprouts, berries, black beans, peppers, wild rice, and pumpkin seeds can help bring your kapha into balance.

Add healing herbs to your routine

Spring makes you vulnerable to seasonal allergies or colds with excess kapha. Avoid these ailments by incorporating herbs into your daily routine. Try ginger for healthy digestion, nasya oil can soothe mucous membranes, talisadi can prevent spring colds, triphala can rejuvenate the body, and turmeric can dry up mucus and provide relieve to allergy irritations.

Just breathe

Clearing away the clutter of your mind, your body, (even your closets) at the beginning of spring just seems to help you breathe easier. As if the previous seasons have been suffocating you and now you’ve lifted them off your shoulder. Make the time, and take the time to sit for 15 minutes and practice pranayama (breathing techniques).

Looking for a place to start your spring wellness routine? LHAA offers a wide variety of yoga classes that combine movement, awareness of breath, and meditation for a vital integration of the mind-body experience.

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