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Trainers for baby boomers

You’ve been counting down the days until retirement. Now that it’s here, you’ve got a to-do list that’s jam-packed with activities like gardening, traveling, picking up a hobby, or taking a class. If you’re like many baby boomers, staying physically fit to preserve your health and verve probably falls somewhere on that list. Working with a personal trainer could be a great approach for seniors who want to maintain and improve their physical well-being. Finding the right trainer is essential to your fitness success. Many boomers are discovering that young personal trainers aren’t meeting their needs. Instead, they’re looking for trainers in their 50s and 60s who can relate to them more closely from an age-perspective. Here are 5 other qualifications to consider when looking for a personal trainer.

Has specialized training

There are so many certifications and degrees for personal trainers that it can be overwhelming to know what to look for. You want someone who has at least two years of training clients at your age, and preferably a trainer with an education in exercise science. Even better would be someone with specific education in gerontology.

Focuses on individualized assessments

You definitely don’t want a trainer who is going to design a program for you based on your chronological age. Look for someone who doesn’t prejudge your capabilities based on your birth year, but rather your unique strengths, injuries, insecurities, interests, and fitness goals.

Offers a balanced approach

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to personal fitness programs for boomers. Maintaining an interesting routine is crucial for a successful fitness plan. Look for a trainer who likes to mix things up with several elements like strength training, group training, body-mind exercises, cardiovascular training, and inside and outside workouts.

Has a good bench-side manner

No matter your age, there is nothing that crushes a fitness goal like an unmotivating personal trainer devoid of any personality. You want someone who will connect with you on a personal level, someone with a sense of humor, and someone that puts for an effort in helping you reach your goals. When you feel comfortable and encouraged, you’re more likely to see your fitness goals through.

Is an effective communicator

Because your personal trainer won’t always be with you when you are working out, it’s important to find someone that can effectively communicate your routine, proper form, and how to use the machines correctly, even when they aren’t physically at your side.

Our personal trainers specialize in an array of exercises and approaches to overall wellness – a great fit for individuals of all fitness levels. Learn more about our PFT interns and how to schedule a one-on-one training session here.

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