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There is no question about the many benefits that practicing yoga provides, like increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, better posture, improved immunity, and enhanced overall sense of calm, just for starters. And while the proliferation of video streaming, podcasts, and dedicated TV channels make yoga easily accessible, whether you’re at home or traveling, there is something to be said for practicing in a class or studio setting. Here are a few reasons to move beyond your living room and join your fellow yogis for a local class:

Peaceful Environment

One of the best reasons to practice yoga in a studio is for the relaxing ambiance, which often includes meditative music, dim lights, a tranquil décor, and maybe some incense, all of which can help practitioners maintain their mindfulness. Distractions of home like the phone, chores, work, pets, roommates, and kids can interrupt the practice. Since Shavasana, the relaxation period of yoga, is one of the most important parts of practice, it’s crucial that the environment be peaceful and soothing in order for the mind, body, and spirit to accept the physiological benefits of deep relaxation.


The word yoga itself means union or connection. Yoga studios are more than a group exercise forum. While individually practitioners seek a solitary spiritual and physical journey, collectively they are a core of like-minded people interested in friendships, community, compassion, and the shared connection of not just physical fitness, but the human mind and soul.

Pose Adjustment

No different than sitting in on a math class and benefiting from the instructor’s experience and knowledge to help correct mistakes, yoga instructors are crucial in helping students deepen their practice. A good yoga teacher knows that not every body is capable of doing the same thing as another, and therefore they constantly watch their yogis, correcting their form, and offering modifications for beginners and alternatives for the experienced.


At-home practice means yogis don’t typically have the structured benefit of a specific start and stop time, making it tempting to forego the closing Shavasana or skip the balancing poses all together. Being part of a class with a designated time helps hold yogis accountable for the entire practice, helping them reach their long term fitness goals.

Possible Injury Prevention

The benefit of a good, experienced instructor has never been more apparent than when it comes to helping students do their poses correctly and safely to avoid possible injuries. While a yogi can certainly learn new poses at home, an instructor can help students make certain they are performing the poses correctly without contorting the body ineffectively and unsafely.

Ready to join a yoga class?

LHAA offers an array of therapeutic yoga classes that are geared towards anatomically and kinesiologically precise poses. Take a look at our yoga class calendar for each month and see what these enriching sessions can do for you!

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