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fitness for massage therapists

Massage & Bodywork Magazine has an excellent feature in their July/August 2014 edition, focused on the importance of maintaining physical fitness for massage therapists.

The article addresses challenges specific to the field of bodywork that professionals in this industry are faced with. It’s common to remain in one position for a long period of time, to move very slowly, and to overuse certain muscles, particularly in the upper body. Exercises that build flexibility, strength, and endurance can help overcome these challenges, leading to fewer injuries, a long career, and an overall sense of well being.

Read the article, which includes a recommended workout routine incorporating both strength training and yoga, here: Physical Fitness for Bodyworkers

We were very glad to see what we believe is a crucial topic for the bodywork industry addressed. Here at LHAA we are including more and more self care into our massage training program, an important aspect of which is remaining physically fit. The result is enhanced career longevity, fewer injuries, and increased productivity through the ability to do more massages without endangering oneself.

In addition, our Personal Training staff has designed a small group training class specifically for licensed massage therapists. This class is designed so that you can avoid injury, extend your career, build strength and stamina for longer days, and just improve your overall health. Get active with the LHAA community.

Find this and other small group training sessions on our Small Group Training Classes Schedule. Additional specialized training sessions coming soon!

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