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Tools for Yoga Class

To get the most out of your yoga practice, you need to be truly present. That means keeping yourself free from distractions – both mentally and physically – that can interfere with your focus and intentions. According to Business Insider, here are 8 ‘tools’ you can bring to class to help you breathe, relax, and be present in your next yoga practice.

1. Invest in a good quality mat. The foundation of any great yoga experience starts a great mat. Choose one that is comfortable and stable, and will support you in your poses. If you have a mat that slips or is too thin, your comfort level can be diminished, taking away your focus.

2. Use a yoga mat towel. A yoga mat towel, typically the same width as your mat, can keep from you slipping on your mat, not to mention it doubles as a towel to keep your face and body sweat-free during your practice.

3. Wear comfortable clothes. Probably just as important as the type of mat you use, is what you wear to class. Look for yoga pants that are soft, stretchable, and sweat-wicking. Of course, the type of yoga that you practice can also dictate what you wear. The less you have to pull, tug, or readjust your clothing, the more focused you’ll be.

4. Keep your hair secured. There is nothing more distracting than loose tresses sticking to your face during yoga practice. If you are constantly moving them out of your way, you aren’t able to fully concentrate on your poses. Keep your hair secure, but not too tight, during yoga class with soft hair ties or mini pins or clips.

5. Bring an insulated water bottle. Not just for hot yoga classes, keeping hydrated before, during, and after your practice is important. An insulated bottle is condensation-free for an easy grip, and it’ll keep your water cold. Be sure to put it within reach during class.

6. Pack a revitalizing face and body mist. Bring a long a refreshing mist of blended essential oils to clear the mind and boost your mood and energy before and after yoga practice.

7. Use cleansing face wipes. Wiping the makeup off your face before class can help prevent skin inflammations or breakouts. And don’t forget to wipe again after class for a quick skin rejuvenator.

8. Restore your electrolytes. You lose important electrolytes through sweat during yoga, but they can easily be replaced through food and water. Bring some high potassium fruits like bananas, dates, raisins, coconut, or avocado to munch on after class, in addition to your water bottle.

Ready to incorporate these tools into your next yoga class? LHAA offers a selection of classes designed for all ability levels – learn more here!

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