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We came across this recent article titled This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Exercise and thought it was a wonderful breakdown of all the ways that exercise affects different parts of your body, from your brain to your muscles, kidneys, joints, and more.

This head-to-toe analysis of exercise and your body is a helpful guide to understanding exactly why and how you can become more fit, healthy, and slim when you exercise effectively.  You may have heard that exercise can help prevent heart disease and other illnesses.  The analysis in this article explains in detail how increased oxygen and blood flow affect your organs and your brain and how this, in turn, helps prevent certain types of disease and illness.

Exercise makes you feel good, helps you lose weight, builds stronger muscles, and helps improve your overall attitude and outlook.  Sometimes, just getting started can be a big hurdle.  This is why we’re excited to introduce our all-new Fitness Center for Personal Training, Semi-Private training and Group Exercise Classes which will be opening mid-November.  Working out with a personal trainer or a group can really help your motivation.  We also offer Yoga Classes which help provide a wonderful mind/body balance to your overall fitness routine.

And, as an added bonus after your workout, you can book a massage at our Massage Clinic.  LHAA offers all you need to keep your body and mind in a happy, healthy, and mindful state.  Contact us today to learn more: (859) 252-5656.

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