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If your idea of cardio is running through the supermarket isles on your home after work, or you consider putting your two year old to bed every night a weight lifting routine, chances are, you’ve lost your incentive to exercise. Sticking to a regular exercise routine requires motivation. According to a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, less than 50% of adults are regularly physically active. The study suggests that many people lack sufficient motivation to engage in exercise or physical activity. And nothing zaps motivation like a boring workout regimen or a routine that doesn’t fit an individual’s interests. That’s why it’s important to combine exercise with things that are fun, yet focused on a person’s personal fitness goals. So before you decide to ditch those sneakers for good, give these motivation boosters a try.

Vary the activity

No different than performing repetitive tasks all day at work, the same-old thing in a workout routine can get boring, which means you’re more likely to stop working out. Switch things up often. If you run one day, bike the next. If you lift weights one day, try resistance bands the next. If you take a yoga class one day, consider a Pilate’s class next.

Try something new

In order to discover new passions, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. It can be intimidating to walk past a group fitness class and see toned and fit people moving and bending in unison, and think to yourself “I could never do that.” Guess what, they did and you can. Keeping motivated is finding new ways to challenge yourself.

Workout with a friend

A little healthy competition is an amazing motivator when it comes to exercise, according to findings in a study from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. By working out with a friend, or even a group of friends, you hold each other accountable. Whether you walk together, run together, lift weights together or even sign up for a 5k together, when working out with a partner, you push each other to realize your individual goals.

Push yourself with a personal trainer

Another way to partner up is with a personal trainer. Not only will they introduce you to new types of exercise, they’ll help you set fitness goals with a schedule to adhere to. Personal trainers can help you maximize your workouts, reduce the risk of injury, and change up your routine if you’re getting bored. Best of all, a personal trainer will be your biggest cheerleader and confidence booster.

At LHAA, we offer PFT Internship training where our Personal Training students work one-on-one with clients in the gym for only $10/hour. Learn more about how our interns can help you achieve your fitness goals:

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