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Congratulations to LHAA Personal Fitness Training graduate, Tara Johnson! Johnson was recently the focus of a feature in the Lexington Herald-Leader which explores the new fitness dance workout of Booiaka she has brought to her successful Lexington, KY fitness studio, Exalted Fitness.

Booiaka is a fast paced, fun dance fitness program that combines dance styles from across the globe into an effective and enjoyable workout. Created in 2008 by Tatiana Tamai, an Italian choreographer on the west coast of the US, Booiaka was brought to Lexington by Johnson. She is one of only two instructors to have earned a master trainer certificate in the discipline.

We are thrilled to see Johnson as not just a successful entrepreneur, but also as a innovator and someone who is at the forefront of the industry. We are extremely proud of her and wish her much continued success!

Read the full article: Young entrepreneur brings Booiaka to Lexington to shake things up.

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