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Hitting that fitness slump happens to all of us sooner or later. Whether it’s the same routine, the same workout scene, or waning motivation, sometimes our get-up-and-go just says no and we find ourselves in fitness limbo. When working out becomes a chore instead of an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, try these five tips and tricks to help make working out fun again.

Set new small goals

Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or increase your endurance, sometimes a switch in goals can help motivate you even more. Start with a new goal for a fresh approach. They can be as simple as: adding an additional 5 lbs. to your weight training within a month; adding an additional 10 minutes to a running routine each week; or trying a new group exercise class. Charting your progress in writing or an app can have a big impact on your motivation.

Geek out with some fitness apps

Speaking of apps, there is no shortage of them to help you have fun when working out: weight loss, step counters, calorie counters, personal trainers, and fitness classes, to name a few. Fitness apps can help track your progress, track your activity levels, and even monitor your heart rate and blood pressure in real time. There are so many fitness apps out there; just do some homework until you find the right one to help you meet your goals.

Get some new gear

Who doesn’t feel better when they sport new workout gear and accessories? Treat yourself to some graffiti-inspired yoga pants, bright-colored high-tech running shoes, or new wireless earbuds that actually stay in place so you can focus on your workout. New gear can be just the right incentive to help make you feel better about yourself and make you more apt to enjoy your workout.

Update your playlist

When was the last time you added new tunes to your workout playlist? No different than doing the same stale workout over and over, listening to the same music each workout can get boring too. Find some new music to add to your playlist that will guarantee your get-up-and-go actually goes.

Shake things up with a personal trainer

Sometimes we aren’t our own best motivator. If you find you aren’t enjoying your workouts anymore, consider working with a personal trainer who can help you find a new approach, teach you some new routines, and help give you a new lease on your fitness goals.

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