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Has your Vinyasa lost its vitality? Feel your range of motion revolting against you? Find yourself counting the minutes to Savasana? It’s not uncommon for a seasoned yogi to find his or herself in a yoga rut — especially if you practice several times a week. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, try a new class and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your practice to the fullest again.

Kick it up a notch

Maybe you don’t consider yourself an advanced yogi. It’s so easy for most of us to undermine our own abilities that we don’t even realize we’re engaging in self-doubt. Take hold of your confidence and give your practice a kick in the yoga pants by trying a class like Mindful Strength, where you’ll learn to integrate the breath and the body, cultivate intentional alignment, and of course continue to build on your core strength. The class is a bit challenging with some deeper strengthening and balance postures, but it may be just what your body is begging for.

Pick a focus area

Of course every yoga class will give you increased core and back strength, along with greater balance, flexibility, and range of motion, but a class designed with a single focus is a great way to strengthen and improve postures for weaker areas. A class like Happy & Healthy Backs emphasizes proper alignment and its effects on the nervous system through asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), and mediation. And because it focuses on the importance of the spine, this class can help prepare you for other, more advanced yoga classes.

Play with blocks

If in your practice you don’t typically use props like blocks, straps, or bolsters, maybe give them a try to enhance your yoga experience. Some yogis have the misconception that props are for those new to yoga who don’t quite have the flexibility. But they can actually help you master a challenging pose quicker than going it alone, and with less risk of injury.

Back to basics

Maybe you are on the opposite end of the rut spectrum — your practice is a never-ending self-imposed edict to always up your game by attending more advanced classes. You can pull yourself out of that pace and start over in a sense with fundamental classes like Essential Yoga or Yoga Foundations. Even the most advanced yogis can get back some much-needed balance and conscious breath work from time to time.

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