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In case you missed it, Sheila Kalas, Personal Fitness Training program director at LHAA, was recently a guest on Good Day KY talking about how to choose the right personal trainer. Kalas had great advice for viewers. Many people are surprised to learn that Personal Trainers do not need to be licensed in the state of Kentucky and many other states across the Nation. It’s tough to believe that there is no licensing requirement for a profession that has such a direct impact on people’s health and wellness, but this means that it falls to the consumer to ask the right questions when interviewing a personal trainer they are considering working with.

So what are the right questions? Kalas recommends asking about the trainer’s education and experience. Where did they study personal training? What is their level of experience? How long have they been doing personal training?

What about certifications? Unfortunately, in the world of personal training not all certifications are created equal. There are some that can be obtained very quickly over the internet, requiring very little study and no hands on experience. Be sure not to confuse “certified” with “educated.”

Kalas advises that you shouldn’t be concerned about asking these questions. You are interviewing someone about potentially hiring them to perform a service for you. It’s entirely appropriate to ask a few questions, and to make sure you are comfortable, and feel that this trainer is a good fit. Kalas also points out that your safety is at stake. You will be trusting your personal trainer to design effective and safe workouts…if they are not educated about something such as proper form for example, it could easily lead to injury.

We appreciate both Good Day KY and Kalas for sharing this important message!

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