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We are thrilled to be contributing to local wellness publication, Lexington Health 360. In this month’s column we focused on resolutions and how to stick to them using the Model of Change.

The end of a year is traditionally time for reflection on the past year, and the start of a new year brings a look forward with hope for great things in the coming twelve months. It’s also the season of resolutions, when we make a promise to ourselves to accomplish, improve, and achieve.

Often resolutions tend to focus on health. After perhaps overindulging during a holiday season full of celebrating and feasting it’s common in January to want to recommit to healthy living. That could mean giving up an unhealthy vice, or eating a healthier diet, getting more exercise, or maybe all of these.

If you are excited about your goals for the new year, and really don’t want them to be cast aside in February, you’ll love our piece on the Model of Change: Sticking to Your Resolutions! The Model of Change

This model, the “Trans-theoretical Model of Change,” was developed in the 70s and is based on extensive scientific research. The following stages are outlined:







Read the article linked to above for an explanation of each stage and how they specifically relate to accomplishing a goal such as sticking to an exercise routine.

If you’re ready to make a change in your own life explore the many ways LHAA can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Personal TrainingYoga ClassesMassage Therapy

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