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You love yoga, expanding your practice into new areas, and experiencing the transforming power yoga has over your body, your mind, and your heart. Have you thought about sharing these gifts yoga has brought into your life with others? This is at the heart of a career as a yoga teacher. Read on to discover some of the additional joys of teaching yoga…

Live an active & healthy lifestyle.

There are numerous studies making the rounds revealing just how dreadful it is for our health to sit for long stretches, as so many of us do while working in offices day in and day out. Compare this to the typical day of a yoga teacher, leading a few classes, perhaps ranging from soothing stretching to challenging balance poses, in a healthy and calming environment.

Enjoy a flexible schedule.

Sure you might be teaching a class early in the morning when many people are still hitting the snooze button (added perk: seeing the beautiful sunrise!) and you might need to head to an evening private session some nights when others are sitting down to dinner…but you’ll likely have time during the day to run errands and make appointments and avoid the rushed crowds right after traditional 9 to 5ers leave the office.

Challenge yourself.

Designing a class that flows well, is enjoyable, and safely encourages students to grow and push themselves will keep you sharp mentally, physically, and creatively.

Be true to yourself.

There is no “right way” to lead a yoga class, small group, or private session. You are free to discover and develop your own style and approach to teaching. Students are as varied as are styles of yoga. Some may prefer a slow and relaxing class, others a more fast paced and high energy experience; some may be focused on the breath and mind-body connection, others might be looking for a challenging physical workout.

Form lasting relationships.

Many yoga teachers find their students often become so much more than simply people they spend an hour or two with each week. Sharing powerful experiences, growing in your practice together, and talking through issues of spirituality, motivation, and finding balance in life can create strong bonds between teacher and student.

Lifelong career.

There is no age limit for yoga teachers, and many find that they happily and successfully continue their yoga teaching careers (or even embark on new ones!) long after traditional retirement age. The focus on both physical and mental wellness that is integral to a yoga practice often help make it possible to teach for many years.

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to become a yoga teacher? Get additional information here: LHAA Yoga Teacher Training or use the short form to the right to request a free information kit. You can also call (859) 252-5656.

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