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In The Today Show series, Tricks of the Trade School, the Personal Fitness Training industry was featured as an attractive career choice for people of all ages and all walks of life.  It’s a career path that is growing  and evolving every day.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Personal Training jobs  are expected to grow 13% by 2020.

Personal Fitness Training offers a relatively fast path to a career, with many certification programs lasting a year to 18 months.  LHAA offers an 840 hour program that can be completed in about 10.5 months (42 weeks) for our day program and 14 months (60 weeks) for the evening program.  This is attractive for people changing careers or just starting out.  It also offers the potential for a more flexible schedule which can be attractive for people looking for a fulfilling career that also allows them to spend more time with family or on other hobbies or projects.  Plus, you get to stay in good shape while you work!

Another reason more people are turning to Personal Fitness Training as a career is because it gives them a chance to inspire others and improve lives through fitness, health, and nutrition, a true passion for many seeking out this career path.  Obesity has been declared an epidemic in the U.S. and more and more people are turning to personal trainers for help with weight loss and life changes to reverse the effects of obesity.

One of the great benefits of the LHAA Personal Fitness Training program is that, in an unlicensed and unregulated industry, we offer you the chance to get high level training and really set yourself above and beyond the competition, both in the eyes of employers and clients.  Our program teaches skills in fitness, anatomy, nutrition, and exercise program design as well as professionalism, communication, lifestyle wellness coaching, marketing and business practices.  Our students get the benefit of high level fitness education coupled with the business skills and guidance that will give you an edge in having a successful career.

As this Today Show video says:

If you distinguish yourself in this competitive field, it can be a promising future for those looking to stay in shape and give back a little bit, too.

Watch a snippet of the Today Show feature above and click here to learn more about the Personal Fitness Training Program at LHAA.

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