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Amanda, a personal trainer at LHAA, demonstrates how to do a “Step Up to Balance” using a high box. The importance of this exercise is to help maintain a strong core. It also has a balance component to it so you’re working your leg and core muscles at the same time.

The first thing you do is place one foot on top of the box with the other foot directly behind the box. Push off the back foot that’s on the ground and step all the way onto the box, touching your toe lightly to the top of the box. Then you want to bring the knee of that back leg up to balance. Then set the lifted leg back down to the ground. Step all the way down with the other leg. Alternate legs so you hit both sides.

This is a great exercise to work on leg strength, balance, and core strength. Maintaining proper form throughout the exercise is important to develop the muscles and to prevent injury.

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Learn more about the Personal Fitness Training program here at LHAA.  This program is ideal for aspiring personal trainers who want to make fitness their career.  To learn more, call us at (859) 252-5656 x 22.

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