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Personal fitness trainer, Shane, with the Lexington Healing Arts Academy Fitness Center shows us how to perform an exercise using a superband that will strengthen hip muscles and improve posture.

This exercise is similar to one you might do using resistance leg bands to improve hip and leg strength, where you strap the bands around your ankles and step out to the side. However, using the superbands that Shane demonstrates here provides the same exercise for the hips and also incorporates a posture exercise.

Standing with your feet hip width distance apart, place the band underneath both feet. Make an X shape with the band by crossing it over and hold the top of the band with both hands about shoulder distance apart. Pinch your shoulder blades back and together, while lengthening your spine. Soften your knees and take side steps back and forth, keeping your shoulder blades pinched together, as if you had a lemon pinched between them.

This is one of the exercises that Shane likes to teach his personal fitness training clients for hip strength and posture.

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Explore the many options available at through the Personal Fitness Training Program at LHAA. There’s something for everyone, from someone new to exercise wanting to safely incorporate training into their lives while avoiding injury, to experienced athletes looking to take their level of fitness to the next level, to those considering a career as a personal fitness trainer. Give us a call at (859) 252-5656 x22 to learn more.

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