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LHAA’s Owner and Director of our Yoga Center, Debra Booker, talks about the benefits of Yoga for Stress Reduction

We encourage you to check our calendar for upcoming yoga classes at LHAA.  We welcome all levels .

Here’s a transcript of Debra’s message:

Life is busy, isn’t it? It’s very stressful. We have family and work, we have to make dinner, we have to get ourselves places, we have to pay bills, the list goes on and on and on, doesn’t it?

So, how do we find some quiet? How do we find some peacefulness within all of that? The practice of yoga really brings our awareness to our breath, and by bringing it to our breath, we are brought into the present moment. And then we realize that we can handle what’s going on if we just really concentrate on just the present moment and quieting all those crazy thoughts that keep coming all the time. We can really quiet down. So we soothe the parasympathetic nervous system – that whole fight or flight response that’s always going. By lengthening our exhale, we can concentrate on just being present.

So, by doing our postures, we concentrate on our breath by just sitting quietly. I find a lot of peacefulness and quiet times when I’m doing other things, like walking my dog or sitting in the yard. And by bringing that mindfulness element to everything, it soothes everything, it quiets down, it brings you back into yourself so you can let go of all the crazy, crazy stuff that’s always going on.

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