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Yoga industry

It’s obvious, by the numbers, that the mystique of yoga has entered the mainstream conscious. Whether it’s Hot Yoga, Bikram, or Vinyasa, yoga practices of all types are steadily finding new participants.

The Yoga Appeal

Perhaps one of the reasons yoga has become so popular as a physical fitness activity is because it is accessible to all skill levels and provides mental and physical benefits including relaxation, increased strength and flexibility, weight loss, and decreased pain. From 2008 to 2012, yoga participation in the U.S. increased by 29%. According to a 2016 study by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, the top five reasons people start practicing yoga is for flexibility (61 percent), stress relief (56 percent), general fitness (49 percent), overall health (49 percent), and physical fitness (44 percent).

Compared with other popular indoor exercise programs like Pilates, tai chi, and TRX, it’s the only activity that seems to be growing. That’s great news for industry-related businesses that have seen an 87% increase in consumer spending on yoga products over the last 5 years, and expect to see an average annual increase of 4.8%.

Yoga has a rich spiritual aspect, but many U.S. yogis are also focused on the benefits relating to fitness such as weight control, muscle tone, and flexibility. Regardless of the reasons, 34 million people in the U.S. are practicing yoga, which has created an incredible opportunity for the lifestyle industry.

Want to bring yoga into your life?

If you’re curious to see what all the yoga hubbub is about, try a class at LHAA. We offer a variety of classesdesigned for any ability level – you can browse the calendar here. If you are ready to deepen your practice and bring yoga into the lives of others, you should consider becoming a certified yoga instructor. We offer an incredibly focused curriculum perfect for anyone looking to build a career in yoga.

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