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An essential part of mindfulness is self-awareness. Sometimes we tend to focus more on the physical and less on the mindful aspects in our daily lives. By learning to self-observe, we have the ability to look beyond the hectic daily demands of life and add more meaning to our day.

Meditate in the morning

Change the way you start your day. Before you jump right into work, parenting, or any other obligation, clear your thoughts and acknowledge yourself. Meditation can rewire your thought process and how your body responds to stress. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can focus on your breathing. Block out the laundry list of to-dos and set some attainable intentions for the day. Even if it’s just for five minutes, let this calm feeling soak in and carry it with you the rest of the day.

Yoga poses to practice

Negative self-talk does us no good. Show yourself some love with powerful, self-aware poses like Warrior II, Goddess, Camel, and Pigeon. These poses allow you to embrace your powerful side, your spiritual side, and even your animal side! You’ll reap the benefits of strength and shape and self-esteem.

Do “it” with a purpose

No matter what “it” is – your career, your hobbies or interests, your relationships, or your yoga practice, do it with purpose. You probably won’t find sustainable happiness if you’re dissatisfied in something you do with regularity. Chose paths that match your values and your passion and you’ll be happy to start each day anew.

Make someone’s day

Sometimes self-awareness comes not from focusing on ourselves, but on someone else. To add meaning to your own day, add joy to someone else’s day by finding opportunities to give compliments, saying hello and smiling at strangers you encounter, making people feel included, returning shopping carts for people at the grocery store, or buying extra dog or cat food and donating it to your local animal shelter or rescue group, just to name a few.


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