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LHAA’s accrediting agency, Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), was in Lexington last week to perform their on-site review of LHAA and determine how we perform as a school.  After spending several days of meeting with students, faculty and staff and reviewing all of our operations they found us in total compliance with the standards ABHES and the U.S. Department of Education have established for post secondary schools.  ABHES found zero violations!  This is truly a great feat and all of the staff and faculty are all proud to be recognized by our peers.

Are you wondering, “What exactly is accreditation?” This is a great question to ask, as accreditation can help you learn about the quality of the schools you may consider attending, as well as the value of the education and degree you may receive upon completing your studies.

In general, accreditation means that a school meets the specific standards set by an accrediting agency. There are many accrediting agencies, but the US Department of Education publishes a list of those agencies (inlcuding ABHES) that are nationally recognized and that the Secretary “determines to be reliable authorities as to the quality of education or training provided by the institutions of higher education and the higher education programs they accredit.”

Benefits of attending an accredited school:

Quality education.

When you study at an accredited institution you know that the program has been thoroughly evaluated and meets quality standards. When you are seeking an education, one that will prepare you for success in your chosen field, this is incredibly important. You are investing in yourself, in your future career, and the knowledge and skills that will help you succeed – not simply a diploma.

A meaningful degree.

Graduating from an accredited program signals that you have completed appropriately rigorous coursework and other requirements to earn the corresponding degree. Potential employers, clients, and institutions where you may hope to further your studies will be able to see the value of your degree and your education. In contrast, a diploma from an unaccredited school may be little more than a piece of paper, as unfortunately there exist unscrupulous organizations that provide little in the way of real education.

How to use accreditation in your education search:

  1. Check to be sure that the institution you are considering is accredited by an appropriate agency for the field of study.
  2. Search for the accrediting agency on the list recognized by the US Department of Education. Search the database here:
  3. Don’t stop there. Accreditation alone does not guarantee that a certain school is the best fit for you. As part of your research visit the school and take a tour of the facilities. Review the course catalog to be sure you will have the opportunity to learn what most interests you. Ask questions about financial aid, job placement assistance, alumni accomplishments, class sizes, and anything else that feels important to you.

If you any questions about the accreditation process, or about the academic programs at Lexington Healing Arts Academy, please contact our admissions team at (859) 252-5656 x 29. You can also read more about accreditation on the ABHES website.

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