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Following up on our piece on questions to ask yourself when thinking about a career change, here are some questions to ask others. Once you know what qualities you are looking for in an ideal career it can be very helpful to talk to someone who knows the industry you are considering joining well. This might be a potential employer, someone who has a job like the one you aspire to, or an industry leader you admire.

Don’t be shy about asking to pick someone’s brain, the worst they can do is say no, and you’re likely to find that many people are extremely willing to provide a small window of time to assist someone looking to join their field. Improve your chances of getting a yes by providing several options and make an effort to accommodate their schedule – offer to take them to lunch, out for a quick coffee, or to just have a phone chat or ask questions via email.

What education or training is the best preparation for this type of work?

What skills are most important to have?

How competitive are positions in this field?

What is a typical day like in this type of job?

What salary range is expected for a specific position? What opportunities for growth or advancement are there?

What do you like most about this industry? What do you like the least?

What do you wish you’d known when you were first starting out?

Do you know of any open positions?


Once again, best of luck as you pursue a new career. If you are exploring entering the health and wellness fields of massage therapy, personal fitness training, or yoga instruction, we have an excellent professionals for you to speak to and ask questions such as these. Give us a call at (859) 252-5656 to learn more.

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